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No problem, sounds like an interesting project you have planned. I'm not sure how much my project will help you with that since my map is actually quite small to get it working at a reasonable frame rate in VR, but hope you find it useful. I'll compress the project and send you a Gdrive link in the next few days.

Good luck with your project!

Thanks! I really appreciate it

Hey - that's a nice piece of work, great atmosphere, ambient soundtrack and interesting map.  Never seen the virtual steering wheel ever been tackled before. Playing it with a 1080Ti and a lot less nausea than aircar. I'm going through the motions of UE4 and thought your project would be a great stepping stone to get into. Thats if you'd be ok to share the sourcefiles with the appreciative. ;)

It'll be a great learning project for me and others who are interested in the subtle but wholly engrossing atmosphere of a mature Blade Runner type future noir experience.