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Very nice work! Sound design and atmosphere are top-notch and it's insane this was made in such a short jam period. Also very cool to see more Scottish devs.

Really nice work, the dog monster looks spot-on! Shame you didn't do the burn in with blue fog for the title tho, it's so iconic and you have volumetric fog there. Also you might want to disable all the VR plugins if this is not going to be a VR title. UE4 has them enabled by default on new projects and it causes Steam VR to try and launch the game in VR.

Thanks very much and thanks for the write up on your site!

Ha! Thanks so much for playing and glad you enjoyed it. Right on the money with the Beksinski and Giger influences :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to make such a deep video on Daemonologie and for all the research you clearly did for the subject! I really appreciate it and I watched the whole video with auto-subtitles. I'm so pleased you like the soundtrack too, I spent a lot of time making it. 

Sorry for the late reply, I was away travelling. I haven't tested on the app but you should be able to download the zip files directly from the game page:

Hope that helps!

Yeah, I just hope it doesn't take me the next 24 years to finish XD

Thank you so much! I'm currently prototyping a new version of it with more interesting mechanics around the violin, maybe something along the lines of Fatal Frame. I'm also pushing the visuals as far as I can and you can see an example of that over on my Youtube channel:

Thank you! It was made in 10 days so I didn't really have time to do much with it after I had made all the assets and music unfortunately, just a silly quick project.

Thanks for playing again and sharing your video! Glad you were laughing at the ending too XD

Thanks! I stumbled on this youtube channel and just studied their footage of the little rover at extreme depths: Main thing I noticed is that there are little to no specular highlights underwater so reducing them really sold the look.

Thank you and glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I intended to make them do a bit more, but I've ran out of time unfortunately. I'm just happy it gave you the illusion the first time round. :)

Thank you! The engine is UE4, all the models made in Blender and Medium (VR sculpting), textures in Substance and music/SFX in Reaper. :)

Ha! Pretty much sums it up XD

Unfortunately not, it was just a short game made for a jam and I deleted the working files. Sorry about that.

Thank you for your very kind words!

So glad you liked it and thanks for sharing! Couldn't agree more, my girlfriend and I are having our Halloween date seeing some cathedrals and graveyards and it's nice to know we're not the only weirdos out that that do this! XD There's a longer version of this in the works, but I'm sidetracked with another project right now.

Thank you so much for playing and sharing your video! It's really great to see people appreciate the beautiful side of horror. If you liked that then I'd also recommend my game Daemonologie - it's a 2D folk horror about the witch trials in Scotland and great for streamers as it encourages you to talk through your thoughts about the characters and who you trust.

I have seen some of Chet Zar's work before and love it, but I hadn't heard of S.V. Mitchell, thanks for the tip!

Beksinski is my favourite painter so it's really great to see someone pick up on that. Eraserhead by David Lynch was the other big influence on this project. Glad you enjoyed it!

Ha, thanks very much!

Thanks very much! The violin is a VST instrument as I can't handle playing real stringed instruments without frets XD. It's Spitfire Solo Violin. I have the Cello as well and they are both fantastic sounding and very easy to play, switching between longs, shorts, trem and legato notes depending on how you press on the keys instead of clunky keyswitches.

Um, I'm not sure exactly what you mean. It is using the new Lumen GI, which as far as I understand is a software combination of raytraced and screenspace dynamic GI, but not using Nvidia RTX raytracing hardware so you don't require an RTX card to run it.

Nailed the PS1 look and feel! Definitely could have been a classic of the era.

Really excellent work! Everything is well polished and the direction is excellent. It feels very professional in all aspects. For non-vr projects remember to disable the Oculus and SteamVR plugins in UE4. I have no idea why Epic have them enabled by default but it launches SteamVR when you start the game because of it.

Thanks! Unfortunately not, I would have to buy a Mac just to be able to compile the game for Mac OS since that can't be done on a Windows machine.

Thanks for playing and your kind words! There are brightness controls in all 3 versions, written in the description and on a music stand right at the start of the game (unless you downloaded the very first upload a few weeks ago).

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it! I did write the music and I have a link in the description above with the full song if you are interested in listening to it. I have to keep the mechanics simple or I never finish anything XD but I do have a few ideas on how I can expand the concept and the mechanics into a fuller experience, so you may see that in the future.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it! I completely agree about the confirmation to quit, it's a bad habit of mine to skip that in jam games because it seems like it should be simple but there is actually quite a lot of work. You have to implement UI, mouse pointer control and handle pausing, which is very difficult when I have so many synced audio files playing. I'll try and make sure I include it in future projects as I understand how frustrating it is when you have to start again.

Absolutely wonderful movie and score, thanks for reminding me about this one!

Oh yeah I love Philip Glass and some of the other modern minimalist composers like Steve Reich and Arvo Part. I'll definitely check out Marianelli tho, thanks for the tip!

Hey thanks for playing! Glad you appreciated the reverb change as you walk into the church, I created that effect with reverb samples I recorded in a church here in Edinburgh, such georgous accoustics!

Hope you enjoy the detuned edition too. :)

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing and sharing

Thank you very much! That is very kind of you to say and I'm glad you found this project so interesting. I have a few ideas about taking this concept into something bigger so you may see it in the future. 

I've thought about Kickstarter before but but I would have to be far enough along with a bigger project to be confident that I could finish it. Having a day job means money is not really the issue, I've already purchased most of the hardware and tools I need, it's time that is the problem.

Anyway thank you for your support and your English is excellent! :)

Thanks very much! I worked really hard on writing the music and sound design so it's great to hear that people really appreciate it! That's axcatly what I wanted - for playing the violin in the rain and with the orchestra to be kind of it's own reward and beautiful experience. I'm a terrible programmer so it's all audio, visual and atmosphere for me! Do you have any classical composers you would recommend? I've only really just started composing so it's always great to study from some awesome works.

Hi, thanks for stopping by and sorry the game is unlikely to run on your laptop. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland so that's why it rains all the time in the game XD, but probably quite similar in terms of gothic architecture to Prague. I've never been but I know Bloodborne's team took a lot from the city! It was also infulenced by Bram Stoker's Dracula (the 90s film), the comedy Young Frankenstein and the stories around the violinist Niccolò Paganini selling his soul to the devil.

I've not played a Call of Duty game since the first one in the early 2000s, but I think I know what you mean and that's very kind of you to say.

Thanks very much for playing and so glad to hear you enjoyed it! I got the idea from Young Frankenstein and if you haven't seen it then I highly recommend it. Very funny film with also a brilliant violin score. We need more games with instruments and a focus on audio!

The illustrations and sound design are excellent in this! Shame it's just a demo, I was just getting into it. Good luck on the full release!

This was absolutely wonderful! Icredible visual design, gl;itchy audio and heavy doses of confusion! XD The battle mechanics were also really well guided for how out-there and weird they were. Excellent work!