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Ah nice, I've not heard anyone speak about CrazyBump in a while, glad to hear it's still going. :) Outstanding audio and visual design!

This is incredibly well made in all aspects, you should be incredibly proud! Outstanding in it's own right and even more so knowing you made it in a week. 

Thanks! It was fun to mix the visual styles.

That should definitely be an on-the-box quote XD

This is looking really incredible! I'll definitely be trying this when I get some free time. What software do you use for Sculpting/modeling?

Thanks very much!

Wow, thank you for such a kind and honest write-up. I'm really glad you got that feeling of uncertainty and imminent danger that I was aiming for. 

I appreciate you taking the time to try on a few different machines as it's not something I have access to test on. My thoughts are the same as yours that it is most likely to do with the d3D API versions. I used a few new features of UE4 including Virtual Texturing, which is not supported on certain cards. To fix it I would have to replace every single texture in the game, which unfortunately I'm not willing to do. I fall more into the art side rather than programmer so the crash log probably wouldn't make much sense to me. I have a GTX 1080 so I thought the 10-series would be fine. I plan to release a colour version at some point as many have missed that from the prototype so I may replace the textures then and perhaps there will be less issues.

I know exactly what you mean with the music. I had much grander plans for interactive/adaptive music but so many of the music features in Unreal are still very experimental and new to me ( the next version seems to be much more stable). I think I know what is causing the cut-off music bug too and can probably fix that when I have some free time. It's too many slop SFX playing and they are taking over the music slot, I just need to split them on different sound classes.

Thanks again for taking the time to play and for your insightful thoughts

Thanks! It's basically just updating the position and rotation each tick with some extra roll thrown in to make it a bit more dynamic. The barrel rolls are just a timeline played forward or reverse depending on which way you roll.

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Love the art style! Good luck in the jam

Brilliant! Thanks very much for posting about the issue and taking the time to try the game over and over again. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for the detailed report. I think it might be due to UE4 compression on the pak file. I'm going to upload a new build today that should hopefully fix it. I'll make a dev log update when it's up.

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I have made a new build that disables the UE4 compression, which may have been the cause of your issue. Please try this one and let me know how you get on

Your machine shouldn't have any problems with it and it's strange that you can get that far without any other issues. I would recommend you make sure your drivers are up to date (if they are not already) and install the UE4 prerequisites. You can find them in Cardiac\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe. I used a newly added feature for UE4 called virtual texturing that may be causing issues for some people or may not be entirely stable yet. Unfortunately to remove it I would have to remake every texture in the game and the performance would likely take a heavy hit so it's not something I plan to do at the moment.

Sorry to hear that. Is it crashing at the same place each time or different? What are your system specs?

Glad you understand. Oh and excellent work on What's Behind the Mirror, I look forward to trying your other games.

Sorry to hear that and thanks very much for posting the error message. It's the end of the game anyway, it just loops back to the start. I've no idea what is causing it but this definitely helps me start to work it out.

Hi, thanks very much for your kind words and the offer, but I prefer to work alone to maintain creative control and work at my own pace. I wish you luck with your own endeavours too though.

Thanks for coming back to play it and great video. Apologies for freaking you out at the end :)

Ah sorry to hear it crashed on you, I made that part just before I uploaded so only tested a couple of times. I'll take a look at it this weekend. Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks Bee, looking forward to seeing your video!

Thank you. That's an excellent idea and a great list you have put together there! 

I second Anatomy by Kitty Horrorshow. If anyone hasn't tried it yet then definitely give it a go - it's a masterclass in tension and has some incredible sound design and lo-fi aesthetic. There's definitely a few on there that I haven't played yet so I'll give them a go, thanks!

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One of the original concepts was to have parts falling off like an inversion of Katamari and Frankenstein creature, so you're not far off.

The fleshy level part was sculpted in Oculus medium but you could do it in Blender too. Took a lot of work deleting all the outside faces tho. To make it quiver - I used a couple of blended panning noise textures hooked up to the displacement channel. 

I might release some breakdowns and project files sometime after if people are interested.

Oh don't worry, there was no offence taken and I do really appreciate the honest criticsm and comments. It is extremely helpful for me that Youtubers like yourself take the time to play and record, voice your opinions and spot bugs as I don't have play testers to pick up on the things I don't. I completely agree about the clunkiness of the controls and it is something I hope to improve for the final version. Thanks again.

Thank you for taking the time to video and comment. You are unlikely to find explicit jumpscares in any of my work as I think they are typically the antithesis of the type of horror that I am interested in.

It's not a bug as this prototype intentionally repeats itself. So don't worry, you didn't miss anything. :)

I can understand that many will not feel any direct horror from this experience (and likely not from the final version either). Another factor may be that I have placed a large emphasis on the audio design in this project and talking aloud to yourself is a naturally soothing action (like Ripley at the end of Alien singing "Lucky Star") so it might not be as well suited for video commentary as more visceral jumpscare experiences. However I thank you for your honesty as I do prefer criticism and open discussion over direct praise.

Thank you for your kind words, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it so much even in the state it's in! I also don't need a lot of direction or objectives to enjoy a game. Hope you'll like the final release too

Thanks very much for the informed feedback, I really appreciate it. I couldn't agree more about the dark shadows and it's something I'm already working on without killing the contrast of the scenes.

Thanks, I just finished watching it. Glad to see he was appropriately repulsed and confused.

Ha, "too detailed" is an excellent compliment! Thanks for taking the time to play and record it, I'll check out some more of your videos

Haha, glad to hear you were disgusted by this in the best way. As to your question about pre-made assets - everything was made by me from scratch. I enjoy the making more than the destination.

Thanks. Who doesn't like a bit of body horror!

Thanks very much. I apologise but I'm also glad it had that unsettling affect on you

Ha, looks like it! This project has always intended to be black and white for the most part. It was actually a mistake uploading a colour build, but shhh - don't tell anyone...

That is a good idea and shouldn't be too hard to implement. I wanted the camera to feel uncomfortably close but it would definitely help to give the choice for a bit of extra room. Thanks for the suggestion.

Haha, thanks very much trying and recording this prototype. I could tell you had the same kind of giddy fun with this as I did when I first got it working! I appreciate that you took the time to admire the textures and sound design too as those are the aspects I enjoy working on the most.

Thanks for including this prototype on your video.  The other projects on there looked interesting and I'll need to add them to my list to try out later when I have some free time.

That's an interesting guess but I'm not a medical student. We do have a medical museum in town though that I visit fairly regularly for sketching and inspiration, this project was started after one of those trips. Thanks for trying out the prototype.

Thanks for taking the time to play through and record it!

Check out the description - this is just the first prototype, a kind of mood-piece. The plan is to release as much as I can by Halloween.

Thank you!

No problem at all, sorry it took so long and hope it helps you!