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Wow, incredibly kind words, thank you! It can be hard to explain to people that don't play why games and interactive art are legitimate medium. I even convinced my dad to play this one and I think the last time he tried a game was Wolfenstein3D on Windows 3.1 XD

I don't want to post spoilers here to let other experience it for themselves. But I am interested as to which 3 you believe are witches and why you are so sure?

Remember it is a game of sifting truths from the lies and you can't trust everything that you read.

Thanks very much! 

That sounds like you understood perfectly :)

You pulled off the accent excellently! I noticed the transitions are a little slow but I wanted the music to fade nicely and let them soak in the atmosphere. Great video!

Honestly, it was a bit shit XD but it got me fascinated with art and games on computers. Oh wow, I wonder what that was! Must have been so cool to see the code you typed in turn into a game. Haha, horror can definitely see the same tropes being used time and again. If you haven't played it then I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream is a classic horror point and click like nothing else! I'll come back to 2D again one day, but I have a set of joysticks coming soon so I'll probably make something for them and VR next.

I'm so glad to see people are showing restraint in torturing people! Although the Priest always seems to be the one who gets it XD

Nice work! The tension buildup was excellent and the directional audio worked really well.

What an awesome concept for collaboration and brilliantly executed! Hats off to all the devs!

Woah, some creepy scarecrow vibes there and the kids in the sack say everything that needs to be said... Awesome work and thanks for sharing!

I can't message them on twitter, but thanks anyway. I just like to see behind the curtain and how awesome work gets made. Great job!

I'm fascinated by that stuff as well. Thank you!

Thank you, all my favourite painters (Giger, Beksinski, Bacon, Ito) seem to find the beauty in the disturbing so I try to do the same.

Ha, thanks! It was almost going to be a text adventure like Granny's Garden on the BBC Micro (if you are old enough to remember that!) but point and click seemed faster and with less frustrations for the player.

Oh cool, I'll go and check that out, thanks!

Brilliant, love the gothic feel! Interesting controls with third-person point and click style too. Unfortunately it crashed when I collected the 5 rats, but I'll go back to try the 2nd level soon.

Oh this one is outstanding! Really love the colour palette and sound design. Character designs are also amazing. Did you do concept sketches before or go straight to modelling? If so I'd love to see them!

Really enjoyed this one! Great sense of isolation and the uneasy feeling of being watched/followed (twig snapping was spot on). Also the wind sfx were as deep and ominous as anything Alan Splet did for Eraserhead, brilliant work!

The deep droning music is very unsettling! Brilliant idea to use the windmill blades to obscure the view as well, great work.

Really love the sound design on this one! The wailing is just perfect and there's buckets of atmosphere!

Wow thank you, I love your work! Especially Water Womb World :)

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Just finished up my game for the HPS1 Halloween Jam. You play the role of a witch finder in a small Scottish villiage during the witch trials. Try to sift truth from lies (or use other persuasions) to discover who the witch is. At dawn on the 5th day someone will hang, best you choose carefully.

You may also find hints as to who the witch is from the strange and surreal dreams you have at night.


Living in Edinburgh, I knew of the North Berwick Witch Trials but it was some really harrowing stuff to research for this project. There may be scenes representing torture that some people may find disturbing. I explored this largely through the sound design, which had a more visceral and emotional reaction for me.

I also created several new songs and reimaginings of a couple of traditional folk songs. Soundtrack is available for download too or you can listen to it on youtube:

OST - Daemonologie

Thanks for checking it out, great video! I think you are the only ones to get the reference to Ligeti's music for 2001, such a wonderful composer. Also if you like Giger then you should definitely check out the Polish painter Beksinski, who was an even stronger influence on this.

Yeah sorry, there are no lower graphics settings and it needs quite a good pc.

Ahaha, your guess is as good as mine :)

That's unfortunate! Did you try installing the UE4 prerequisite from the folder provided? Do you know if your video card supports virtual textures? What is your system spec?

Absolutely outstanding experience! The visuals and sound sound design are in a league of their own.

Thank you! The idea of the gameplay is actually to avoid those glowing bright, loud objects. The idea came to me when I was trying to visualise what I wanted for the game at my day job while renovations were being done and loud pop music was playing on the radio. I wanted to drift away from those distractions, but as soon as they fell into my focus then it was very hard to shake them. So if you pick one up they will keep making loud noises, but as you pick up speed they will be pushed further away, letting you get back to thawing your own thoughts. :)

The jam finished weeks ago. That's great you managed to make a game, but check the jam page for new jams you can join.

This is brilliant, I love construction games! Amazing that you built your own engine as well. Outstanding work!

Wow, awesome concept and movement system! The floating orange particles made it a bit hard to see the moving orange bullets sometimes, but just a very minor nitpick. Excellent work on the music as well.

The environment looks excellent on this, such a clean and consistent style! Shame about the performance. Music was great too.

The arm stretching mechanic is just incredibly fun and so original! The SFX to go along with it fits perfectly too. Love the purple ink outlines and smooth shading on everything, gives it a feeling somewhere between Moebius and The Simpsons. Awesome work!

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Really great work on the gestures! I had considered using various hand shapes to denote different effects, but decided not to because I thought it would be too complicated to make. You nailed it! 

I did have some issues at first (making the "okay" symbol) due to the controller mapping. After reading the comments and creating a custom controller mapping I got it working tho and finger shooting water balls is a lot of fun! 

I've had the same issues on most of the Unity games using SteamVR controller mapping. Is it an issue with the same Unity VR template that has red glove hands that everyone has been using?

Edit: Forgot to add that I was really impressed with the spatialised audio as well. It's so important for feeling like you are in the space.

I've decided to give away the assets I made for this project for anyone to use. There's a lot of music clips, a couple of meshes and their textures. They're CC0 so feel free to use them for whatever you want, no need to credit me, just don't sell the assets by themselves (putting them in a game and selling that is perfectly fine).

Cheers! I'm actually hoping to try using some of these systems in the VR gothic horror stealth game I've been working on (video below). This jam was a great opportunity to test the procedural music stuff.

I definitely will, trying to get through all the games so I'll add it to the list!

Apologies for the inconvenience, I always got better compression with rar so I've used it for years. I thought most people use rar or 7zip instead of zip these days, but definitely something I'll have to look into. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Thanks, I started a new topic on the jam discussions and uploaded my assets for anyone to use. Feel free to post your links there too if you like.

Hi folks! 

I have been absolutely blown away with the quality of the work and the insane and creative ideas produced for this jam. Excellent work everyone!

I noticed that Macchi had posted a comment with links to his assets and encouraged others to do the same. I thought this was an excellent idea so feel free to post any links that may be helpful for future jams below.

To kick things off here's a link to download some audio, mesh and texture assets I created for this project. I'm giving them CC0 so no need to even credit me if you decide to use any.

(I'll upload to my project page once the jam vote finishes)

Have fun and keep making awesome things!


Thank you. That was mainly a lack of time and I forgot the description doesn't show on the jam page. Although I have always loved the pure discovery of games like Starseed Pilgrim and Gnog.

I'm trying to play through all the games so I'll add yours to the list for today.