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This is hands down equally as funny as some stand up comedy. I loved absolutely every aspect of the game, from the fantastic music of the title screen to the ironic and fitting end to this tale in the cut scenes. Never in my life have a played a game with such outright humor. The environments were relaxed and easy to adapt to, while the in-game dialogue was consistently satisfying. All of the water, fog, and atmosphere was overall really smooth.  This really has the makings of a great game, I am sad it was such a short experience, but value it at what it was. This is a really great indie game, with a personal twist of mythological vulgarity. In perspective, I find it really interesting how the god-figure is perceived as a total loser himself. Considering the Greek figures were never truly "right" in all of their actions. This is a wonderful parody of the classical writings of Homer. I can see this coming from students' mind being bored with a history credit, and turning it into something artistic, hilarious, and wonderful. I love this game and I wish there was more!

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Wow, thank you for this feedback. We  are so happy to hear this about our game! Thanks a lot for your video too ♥