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Really nice game. Looks really well polished and I like the concept. Do feel like the randomness of the cards is making it too ... well... random sometimes. Hinders progress because it seems purely based on luck. Or, I just don't see the logic fully yet ;-)


Hi there! Yes, I was super undecided regarding randomness implementation (and I'm still am a bit haha). For me, having some sort of random (and having players weight chances) was a core part of the concept. I really like pondering scenarios like "I could go here and play it safe, but I also could go there, but if I don't get X it's going to be tricky", but there are some game situations that can be frustrating (I'm not sure if randomness can be 100% blamed for this or if the issue is related to level/enemy design).

That aside, it's not that much luck-based, I get consistent scores. It's all about playing around walls and thinking a bit about chances.

Long story short, thanks for the comment, it's not purely based on luck but I agree there are some frustrating situations that are a pain in the ass.

Yeah I can imagine. What's frustrating is when you have to go back and forth a bit because you get the opposite arrows only a few tries in a row. But I agree, it's also part of the charm of the game.