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Wow, thank you so much for trying both games! As always, I enjoy listening to your narration cos it adds life to the story :D
p.s. For Passers-By, did you manage to get the third hidden end? (I saw in your play-through that you got the happy & sad ones but there's actually one more to unlock *hint hint)

Ah always one beneath the surface. Unfortunately I did run out of time for the day. I wouldn't want you to give it away, but it was quite wonderful. I believe it actually complimented the other text based game. Especially since it was the shorter of the two games. I really enjoy them, I hope you two continue to develop these fun games for players such as myself!

Hahaha yup, my games usually have some sort of twist in them ;) Anyway, really glad you enjoyed the games! Stay tuned for more by me soon ^^

thank you again for creating these  small Internet gems ,  there cannot be an Indy community without developers.  I certainly appreciate the  lengths developers go to in order to provide free content for people like me . I look forward to seeing so much more!

Hi again :D This is my newest game release - the project I mentioned the last time: Do check it out if you've got the time. Thank you so much & hope you enjoy it!

awesome, I had already begun my daily search and now this! It’ll be a pleasing experience I’m sure. This looks very different in terms of development, it appears to have more elements. I’ll be looking forward to this later today!