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No it doesn't need an enemy. 

Deleted 3 years ago

what do you mean ? yes it does just like any other horror game otherwise the point of the suspense and tension if there no sense of  actual horror or danger in the game itself ? at some piont have to release the tension or else it will eventually loose the it appeal and the scary side of it because it meant to last for that long tension and suspense are use in horror to give the player that feeling of anxiety and fear of being watch or stalked by something evil and keep the gamers wandering whenit going to come on if it come out after a while the gamer realize that nothing there to then the whole thing becomes useless espcially when it doesnt the expectation of the player unfortunally developers on focus on the fisrt side that there another side of it because that how it woks .....anyway it your choice wether if you want to add an enemy or not that your game good luck in the futuer


Thanks for the future good luck. I trust you won't enjoy my latest game either ;)

Firstly, Pacific is a highly atmospheric and tense experience. It's roughly 10 minutes of game play. The characteristic of the game is that despite all your apprehension of progressing any further, the reality is that there is no physical threat and that you've wound yourself up for no logical reason. 

Secondly the subject matter is nuclear weapons and atomic testing in the 50's and 60's. The enemy is all around you; and I'm not intending to sound pretentious with that. The devastation of the nuclear blast and the side effects of the radiation surround you for the duration of this short experience. How could I possibly put a monster in there or some other kind of enemy? What would be the point and what purpose would it serve (in a story sense)?

There are thousands of games available that have an enemy in there chasing you around but Pacific is not one of them. 

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my apprehension ?....what ? ! I think you took it the wrong way I was trying to proove you when said that this game doesnt need a monster assuming that its a horror game however when mentioned that this is about the atomic weapons testing in the 50's and 60' i dont this could in any a horror game i mean sure you can make creepy as with body of the victimes of these tests of nclear weapons or by using tapes and horrific effects of these weapons on human in general and making as atmospheric as possiblehow it will still be enough to be a horror if anything it just creepy and spooky i think in my opinion this should more an expiremental since the game doesnt really have any true horror elements or any sense of danger at and it more about sending a message or delivering a story also itself didnt show much about the story i barely notice it is about nuclear weapons from one of the tape i could barely understand whatever these guys say ing the was more a pixelated p.t than anything the only things that were indecating what the story is all about were the poster the tapes and bags that might have to with the story and maybe something totally different and the bed sheets that you might consider as more of a clear clue about what going on clearly the could much better if it was about the side effects of radiation and the tests of nuclear weapons .....and yeah about you


Literally not every horror game needs a "enemy". This game was terrifying anyway, with or without the "enemy". The bags and body's? The creator kinda explained about radiation. They could be dead because of radiation poisoning: or just nuclear war, or something sinister could be going on. And horror games aren't based on the "enemy".. it's based on the surroundings, what slowly makes you paranoid. And the creator, made sure that this game is horrifying without any monster: unlike any other horror game.. it's called creativity instead of normal: Stuck in scary area. Scary enemy lurking in shadows. Must escape from him 

Well aren't based on tension either the reason I insisted on having an it because it is neccesary to have something to scare people with otherwise it is just creepy and truly scary that just the way horror work but since this game isn't ahorror game in the first place then I don't care however I do agree to certain extenet horror does a proper horror situation that create an anxiety in the players although if this doen't true than its more like a prank than anything