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I love it!!! :D

Literally not every horror game needs a "enemy". This game was terrifying anyway, with or without the "enemy". The bags and body's? The creator kinda explained about radiation. They could be dead because of radiation poisoning: or just nuclear war, or something sinister could be going on. And horror games aren't based on the "enemy".. it's based on the surroundings, what slowly makes you paranoid. And the creator, made sure that this game is horrifying without any monster: unlike any other horror game.. it's called creativity instead of normal: Stuck in scary area. Scary enemy lurking in shadows. Must escape from him 

Ever* oops

Very good game!! But.. I would love to know, will there every be a day when the first game is free? I mean, I played it but I have some friends who wanna play it, and even though it's a fair price.. are like me: pretty much broke lol

AT first I thought: Wait... this shit is real I'm not playing this.. 

then realized i'm utterly Retarded  and it was a game.. but it actually was really, really fun and I enjoyed it very much

Oh.. Ok! :P Hopefully you can solve this problem soon.. best of luck!

Yea, same happening for m

Hi.. I'm a MacBook player.. Every time I open the game it goes to a black screen. Now I thought that was a part of the game, till I had actually started the game when  I realized it was staying black... I've tried Sanctified Mac and with no luck.. please help?

Ok. Thank you! :D Have a nice day.

Oh wow. That's honestly really cool. But no, I haven't been able to fix the problem. I've deleted the application after making sure it was properly exited, then I had re-installed it again, with no luck. I've even tried fixing the resolution thinking that was the problem, gamma, and I have recently updated my Mac thinking that was the issue, with no luck. I have no other options :|

I had just now restarted the game and it went to a glitched out map, in a sense. When looking in the top left corner, it wrote something in Japanese, then Russian, which makes no sense.

Hi.. I had recently downloaded your game (Mac version on game jolt) for some reason, every time I open the game it always goes to a black, empty screen. When I check on the application, it says not responding. When it starts responding, it'll still stay black, but the game seems to be completely fine, even though I can't play. Could you please help me figure out the issue?