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Very good game!! But.. I would love to know, will there every be a day when the first game is free? I mean, I played it but I have some friends who wanna play it, and even though it's a fair price.. are like me: pretty much broke lol


Thanks for the message dude. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m afraid First Winter won’t ever be Free. Its not that I need the small amount of money that it earns (and it’s not much) but whenever I do withdraw funds from itch I donate it to charity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Ghandi; it’s just that I know someone else can use $100 more than me (I’ll probably spend it on beer or bills). 

It’s already very cheap considering how much time and energy was invested into making it. It’s a bit like if you wanted to buy GTA or Call of Duty. You know how it’s really expensive but you still find the money to buy it because you want the game and you don’t have access to the developers to ask for it to be free? Well it’s like that except First Winter costs less than a Big Mac or a Starbucks coffee. In fact if your friends saved 1 cent every day from now on they could afford it by May next year! It REALLY IS not much money is it? Less than $2... Maybe since Christmas is coming up you could by them each a copy? Season of good will and all that! 

Thanks for the kind words.