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Ahhh, sorry to hear that the respawn was doing that to your eyes! I hadn't considered that. (Fun fact, I initially had a "dynamic" camera. It worked well, except that it gave me horrible motion sickness, haha)  I've got an update planned eventually, maybe I'll add an option to disable the flying back to the portal, and instead snap back.

You're not the first to mention the hitboxes. I may adjust those during the update as well.

Credit to Facemelting Solos for the music! They've done amazing work for this series.


Just FYI this is the spot where it got too much for me:

Thanks for making this!!


Thanks for that info! It probably only gets crazier re-spawn-wise as the level proceeds. The less intense respawn option will be a priority for the fall/winter update!


Thank you! :D

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I can also try to get a controller working with my PC and then I probably would just not die as often 😆

Controller support is another feature planned for the update, hehe. I probably should have pushed it through for the jam version, but I ran out of energy at the end.


Oh, gotcha! Well no pressure either way. Taking care of yourself is more important! 😄


Controller support didn't make it for this first update, but just letting you know that version 1.2 is out! It includes new options on the Pause screen (press P while playing), including an option to change the respawn-mode to an instant teleport, instead of the hyper-speed zooming back. Hopefully this helps any eyestrain issues!

There are also several new "assist mode" options that can be used to lower the difficult, for anyone just wanting to play through the story, or take their time to learn the levels. It doesn't impact the endings (aside from an assist-mode stamp on the final screen), so it can even be used on "apocalypse mode" to reach the best endings!


Yay, super cool! I’ll give it another go soon! :D