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Hi, I am liking this game.  One thing though, is there or could there be a walkthrough/tip sheet.  Its very frustrating to get stuck and not be able to find any information at all.  The list for instance, took ages to work out to hit them with sword.  And after doing Earth, got to the wall, no idea how to progress.  Made me give up.  Oh and the cryptic clue from the seer doesn't help, I can't even see the village mentioned on the map.

I think the game is perfectly balanced! I love it when a puzzle has me stumped
for a few days and then, I finally figure it out! On the full release of AGGELOS,
this happened to me when I didn't know how to get past a wall but I had to
throw a magic ball at the lower one and hit the upper one with my sword,
then the wall came down. It was so much fun finally discovering that!
If I had simply read a cheat sheet, it would have erased the fun of trying to
figure it out by myself and then finally getting it!