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Nope, I have just completed earth templ and got the earth power, no fireball or anything.  No idea where to go, seer states something under library in a village, but that village isn't on the very vague map.  No clue of where to go, been over whole map from house back to wall.  Anyways, I have moved on from this game now.

Thanks.  Done the Earth Temple and got  the ring.  Left temple went left and used power to go up glowing stars to a signpost which points left to "The Wall" and right to bosco forest.  In that "The Wall" area there is a well, down which is three doors with shapes (star, sun, moon), and three shops one of which you can buy a sword (masamune).  Then there is an exit in the background with an arrow above it which leads to a greyer area with two tree stumps and with a high jump on first screen.  There doesn't appear to be anywhere else to go, have been right back to the start and gone through each map.

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Thank you for your response, unfortunately it doesn't answer my question.  I do not have 2 days to spend on getting stuck at a point.  Hence why I request a tip sheet or walkthrough.  What I am talking about is not even a puzzle, for instance, got the earth ring and used that to get to The Wall.  I have nowhere to progress to, been over the whole map 3-4 times, locked doors in well, no jump ability to progress through the wall, so I have given up.

Note I have no idea why this reply to @MENTD does not appear under his reply?

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Hi, I am liking this game.  One thing though, is there or could there be a walkthrough/tip sheet.  Its very frustrating to get stuck and not be able to find any information at all.  The list for instance, took ages to work out to hit them with sword.  And after doing Earth, got to the wall, no idea how to progress.  Made me give up.  Oh and the cryptic clue from the seer doesn't help, I can't even see the village mentioned on the map.