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Thank you, jaegermeister24! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! >\\\< 

I'm flattered to hear you love the overall of my game ^^- I still have lots to learn & improve, but I'll do my best so you can return here and enjoy yourself again! 

And I see my boy, Reksa, is still occupying the number 1 in popularity x'D 

My next game is called "Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle". It's set in the same world but broader horizon --not a sequel mind you :'3 it's still in progress but I hope you'll come again later when it's finished!

Thank you for the warm support and see you again! 



Ah, yes! I have your next game on my list of to-play! I look forward to seeing the finished product and good luck! (and yes, Reksa is best bae, sorry Rama and Mitra, I'm just attracted to his Tsundere nature)