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Ah, yes! I have your next game on my list of to-play! I look forward to seeing the finished product and good luck! (and yes, Reksa is best bae, sorry Rama and Mitra, I'm just attracted to his Tsundere nature)

This is absolutely amazing! I loved all the routes available so far, however, I have to say Demian has to be my absolute favorite. I look forward to the completion of this game, especially to his completed route, as well as to Sinclair's!

The main character was relatable and I loved the small tidbits that we get when we choose what to do for the day.  I feel a bit sad that revising and studying for exams don't work like this. If it did, I would definitely enjoy studying a lot more!

I really enjoyed playing this! I've only played Reksa so far (and maybe forever? I don't think I can let the other boys woo me now that I've done Reksa's route. I probably should've saved him for last lol), but it's been an amazing experience. The art (both CG, bg, and sprites) are breathtaking and the sounds are complimentary to the story. I greatly enjoyed the lore you've written up for the characters. I'm grateful I got to play this and I look forward to your next project! I'm certain whatever you work on will be amazing!