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I have found 5 bad and 2 sad endings. I haven't found a "happy end". Is it a bug?

But apart of that, I liked the idea of this game! It is something new to me: going back in time plus not linear plot. And everything is with your imagination. Impressive mix!

Nope, not a bug - there's definitely a happy end haha XD Hint, there are: 11 bad ends, 4 sad ends & 1 happy end. Keep on trying!
& thank you so much for your comments ^^

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And here I have to say that this game is a masterpiece!

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Hi :) Thank you so much for trying my game & for the feedback!!


Thanks for your advice! I think that previously I made a mistake somewhere. With your advice I finished the game. :) Thanks!

Yay, congratulations on completing the game! :D