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its really a great game right here but may i know the system requirement and recomended? its really laggy so i play it on low setting and my friends really lag. about the keyboard, its better with qwerty too. we just didnt really get the feel (im sorry, no offense here)

is this student project? this is just too good for student project

its my first gameplay, hope it helps

PS: for those who wants to play, please play it with your best friends. the quality of video is good but my computer didnt keep up with the system XD

Hi Coconut Mousse ! Sorry for my late reply...

Many thanks for your feed back and your play test :) 

Yes it's a students project, we are really proud of them !

System requierement : Geforce 1060 GTX 6G / 8Go of RAM / i7

I hope that can help! Have a nice day, and thanks again !