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Objectif 3D

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Oh super ! I hope You Will enjoy this students Game :)

ok, I'm on, I ld let you know if I find a solution for you...

And not, it isn't a console game... sorry

Hi @DXA06 ! Does the download start or it's crash during it? On my side the game works properly... :(

Many Thanks @DXA06 ! Thanks for the students :)

Hi Kionaru, Many thanks for your feed back and advice. It's a good idea, I will explore it and speak with the teacher. It's a students game !

Have a nice day!

Hi Coconut Mousse ! Sorry for my late reply...

Many thanks for your feed back and your play test :) 

Yes it's a students project, we are really proud of them !

System requierement : Geforce 1060 GTX 6G / 8Go of RAM / i7

I hope that can help! Have a nice day, and thanks again !

No soory! Thestudents made this game to play and share a moment with friends.

Merci ! Oui, nous sommes très fiers des étudiants :)

We are proud to present "Fusion" the last game made by the students of Objectif 3D in France !

This game was realised to play with a friend, to share an experience, a feeling. A co-op is old school? No way, so much fun to play with your gamer best friend in your dad'sofa innit !?

Enjoy "Fusion" as much as the students have fun to create it !

It's here :


Thanks ;) It is...we are really proud of our students ! Enjoy Fusion

Yes we know... But as I said,  the students wanted to create a game to share the feeling with friends :)

Hello ! Thanks for your comment. We understand, but It's a students project and they really wanted to create a game that you can play, share with friends in your Dad's sofa :) Please try the experience with your best friend in game en enjoy Fusion !

Hello CoalFire, Its a co-op game


Hi ! It's pretty cool that you played to our students game ! I'm here for your requests :)