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ohmygosh I actually cried a little watching this! To be used as an example of getting the essentials right is a tremendous honor, thank you so much!

The editing is very well done, and your knowledge of game development principles is absolutely on point. The humor had me cracking up, too! I'd love to see more of your content, so I've subscribed!

Again, thank you so much! Keep up the excellent work.

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked the video! Saving Princess is super sick, are you still working on a sequel? I'd love to play it once it's done :D

Yep, the sequel is still in the works! I know I've been quiet, but it's close to 90% complete, only missing a final boss.

I've been taking a small break to work on a racing game while I have someone review the dialogue script; I'm hoping to have the narrative in this one carry some more weight than the first one.

That's awesome man,  nice job! I'll definitely check both those out once they're done!