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This was a super unique experience that mixed a lot of elements from Job Simulator and Octodad. I was going to suggests a VR version but it looks like that is in the works! The game was perfect and had so much more built into it than meets the eye. The game itself ran super smooth and had phenomenal graphics. I'm absolutely in love with physics game and for a demo/early access, this one was built very well! The dialogue was witty and pretty funny. The multitasking aspect of the game is brilliant. It wasn't too difficult but it definitely created a sense of urgency. I can't wait to see where this goes! Thanks so much for making this!

Thank you for such detailed feedback! And we are extremely happy to hear that you liked the game. The VR version depends on it how well our crowdfunding campaign does but hopefully we will be able to start working on it soon! 

Thanks for making the video and exposure, it really helps us a lot!