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Hi Surabaya,

They don't include attack animations. These characters are intended to be non-aggressive NPCs to populate towns and other areas of the game to act as merchants, shop keepers, inn owners and townsfolk general. 

If you are looking for characters with attack animations you can fin them in Minifantasy - Creatures and Minifantasy - True Heroes.  Also, I add new characters and creatures every month as exclusive content in my Patreon.

If you have any other questions let me know :)

Bought the whole bundle, my suggestion for this pack would be additional premade for each profession NPC, I find one for each seems lacking ;) 

Question about 50% discount for Patron, how does it works, Is it in the form of coupon that has limited use. And the discount can only be used only when I'm currently a patron?

Thanks, Surabaya! I will have into account your suggestion, I always try to improve the asset packs based on you guys feedback :)

The 50% discount is applied on individual packs under request for active Patrons. However, if you just got the full bundle you will not need the coupons as the collection bundle has a better discount, almost a 70%. Also, active Patrons get all a new asset pack released on at no extra cost every month, plus monthly Patreon exclusive content.