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I'm glad to know finally the characters fit your project  :)

As for your question, there are a lot of animations only available for the base humanoid races: human, elf, orc, halfling, goblin and dwarf (the naked versions you can find in Minifantasy - Creatures). Some of these expanded animations for the base characters are the ones in Weapons, Magic And Sorcery or the Crafting And Professions packs. I often introduce new animations for these 6 humanoid characters in new asset packs.

If you want the heroes or other creatures to be able to cast additional spells, use the fishing rod, or attack with different weapons, you will need to make some edits yourself using one of the base humanoids as a template.

Minifantasy is an ever-growing asset collection that keeps adding new stuff every month, the increasing amount of animations for the base characters makes it impossible to have those additional animations also available for special characters and other creatures in the collection (right now we have over 100 different creatures between the ones in the assets packs and the ones in the Patreon archive, and counting). I would need to retrospectively update every character to include an always-increasing number of new animations, which would lead me to invest all my time in updating the already existing creatures instead of making new content for the collection. so I'm afraid this is the downside trade-off in exchange for having such an expansive collection. 

I'm sorry for the inconvenience it may cause 🙏

Thanks for sharing with everyone your thoughts about the assets Bauzeeh :) I'm glad they landed smoothly next to the rest of the collection! Time to make some fires now ;)

Hey Naiyr! Answering you is part of my work :) so don't worry about asking me any doubts.

I completely understand your concerns about the attack directions. Minifantasy assets have been used successfully in a lot of projects, but every project is a world in itself and it's true that sometimes the assets may present some challenges to fit them in your vision depending on the type of game you guys are building.

because of the really low resolution, and the relative abstraction of the Minifantasy style, most action-based games made with Minifantasy assets work just fine (there are top-down ARPG Minifantasy projects that only use the front views of the character animations that work very well and fluidly). However, I can see how it may be a problem depending on how you gonna implement your game systems.

There are some weapons and special attacks that have pure N-S-E-W directions. You can find them in these packs: Weapons, Magic And Sorcery and Magic Weapons And Effects.

I hope the assets can find their place in your project :) You know you can contact me anytime if you have further questions or if you need some directions.

Hi Naiyr, thank you for suporting Minifantasy.

For Minifantasy characters and other creatures, the facing directions for the animations are in most cases NW-NE-SW-SE. Due to the really low resolution of the characters, and the art style used in the collection, It's not possible to make pure N-E-S-W directions without altering the look/style of the characters. However, also due to the super low resolution of the assets the NW-NE-SW-SE directions should work perfectly as N-E-S-W directions.

As an example, if your character moves towards E or SE, it will use the same animation. the same goes for W and SW. If you move straight south or north, it should use the animation row in the sprite sheet depending on what direction you were facing before going in the new direction (SW or SE for moving towards south / NW or NE for moving towards north).

If you want to see how directions work in-game, I recommend you check this out: (it's free and it makes a great example of how the assets can be used).

If you have any more questions or doubts feel free to contact me anytime, I will get back to you asap.

thank you! ^^

For ranged attack-able creatures, 'Creatures' in combination with other 2 packs of the collection ('Weapons' and 'Magic And Sorcery') adds bows and slingshot weapons, and various magic spells for Humans, orcs, elves, goblins, halflings and Dwarves (as layered additions).

In 'True Heroes' I and II there are also hero classes with ranged attacks.

Lastly, you also will find other exclusive creatures and monsters with ranged attacks in the Minifantasy Patreon archive (you unlock everything in the archive by becoming a supporter. New creatures are added every month along with other exclusive add-ons for the Minifantasy sets)

I hope this information helps! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! ^^

Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

Great job!

Incredibly packed in useful stuff. This is huge. Great job! ^^

Great work capturing the essence of the creatures in those SFXs! :D

Hey Exhitt! Thank you, and sorry for the late reply. 

As the charged attack is a 360º special movement, it was designed with the idea of the character charging it facing south/looking towards the player, for later releasing it and spinning.

For now, there are no plans of adding the charging cycle in the other directions and starting/ending the spin accordingly. However, the content of Minifantasy is suggested and voted by the Patreon community, if there is interest in these animations being added I will happily work on it.

Please, if you have any other questions feel free to ask. I promise to answer you quickly the next time :P

This is a huge update, congratulations! Very interesting read, as usual :) Thanks for sharing!

just keep in mind that in the list for the Themes, the points reset every new month (they don't carry on votes from month to month), So Raided Village will not necessarily be the next main asset pack after necropolis.

Hey Ashizian! You can check the asset priority lists at this link even if you are not a Patron.

There are 4 tabs, Theme tab refers to the next main asset pack release (for this month it will be Minifantasy - Necropolis). The other three tabs (icons, pack features and creatures) are the priority lists for the Patreon-exclusive sprites.

Thank you for the kind words inbyo

Thanks ^^

Thanks a lot Bauzeeh :) I'm glad you like it!

Hi Ashizian!

All the content I make for Minifantasy is community driven. All of it is suggested and voted by the Minifantasy Patreon community members. This includes all new Itch asset pack releases and also all the Patreon-exclusive sprites.

So, answering your question, as I don't have a personal road map for what is coming in the near future, I can't tell what exactly I will be releasing in the following months. I will work on whatever the community suggests and votes.

However, we already have in the collection

+ An asset pack with snow (

+ Some birch trees with autumn foliage in this pack ( including variations of it on Patreon (

+ A summer/beach Patreon exclusive (

+ Different grass types that could be used on the ground to represent the changes on it through the seasons.

With a little bit of editing + mixing and matching different assets already present in the collection, I believe it's possible to have seasons.

Awesome work mate! I love the SFX 11/10 :)

Thanks! ^^ I'm glad you like it Inbyo :)

Excuse me for the later reply, you caught me on holiday ^^' 

The actions from top-bottom and left-right are:

- Ploughing

- Planting

- Watering

- Harvesting

- Feed cattle

- Milking 

- Shearing/pruning

- Meat harvesting

- Water Filling

Hi! Yes, ground tilesets are organised in this way sliced in an 8x8px grid to cover all possible tile connections. You should be able to configure tiling rules in your engine to use auto tiling without problems.

You can download the free asset packs Minifantasy - Forgotten Plains (this asset pack) and Minifantasy - Dungeon to check if they fit your needs. Other asset packs in the collection follow the same standard. 

If you have other questions feel free to ask :)

Hi Woomek, currently, Patreon exclusive content is only for Patreon supporters. All the content on Patreon has been created together with supporters thanks to voting monthly polls made with their suggestions. I make the compromise with my supporters of these assets being only available for Patrons. It's important for me to keep my word.

I can completely understand how this situation is somehow unjust for someone trying to join Patreon, but not being able to do so because of non-compatible paying methods (how it's your case) or others issues. But I also have to care for my community because without them Minifantasy will not be possible.

Another reason is that manually handling the distribution of Patreon extras to non-patrons is very time-consuming, especially if I have to send every new exclusive content (4 - 6 new add-ons per month) to people that can't access the addons archive. The archive is built-in Patreon and supporters get access to it automatically. If I make exceptions and have a list of supporters outside Patreon I have to manually send the content to them, or I have to manage another distribution channel for them. I have tried it in the past and it just didn't work out for me. I'm the only person managing Minifantasy project and time management is one of the biggest challenges.

I know it's not the answer you wanted to read, and I want to apologize for that because I truly understand your position, but I have to be firm here. I'm sorry. 

Maybe making a virtual debit card might be a solution for you to join Patreon. I don't know if that will work for you, but I know other Patrons have solved the issue that way.


As for the outlines for the assets, all the most recent asset packs include outlines for constructions and other natural formations sticking out from the ground. I'm currently updating old packs too to keep up with the standard. This month I have updated Minifantasy -  Forgotten Plains, so now the cliffs have the outline, and Minifantasy Towns, so now all the buildings in that pack have the outlines too.

Minifantasy - Farm is the next one on the list, it will be updated in the following couple of weeks together with Minifantasy - Desert. I hope it helps you in your Project :)

If you want to continue the conversation, you can PM me on Twitter @krishna_palacio anytime!

Hey Woomek, unfortunately, as far as I know, Patreon only accept bank cards (also debit). You can subscribe monthly, or also yearly with a discount, but again, you will need a bank card for doing so :( 

Hey Woomek! Thanks for your kind words :)

The assets you are looking for are these ones, right?

As you can see this tileset is part of the collection of addons for Minifantasy available on Patreon. Every month the Minifantasy community decides the theme of upcoming asset packs and other exclusive add-ons.

If you are interested, the minimum subscription of $3 includes instant access to the Patreon archive with 90+ add-ons to expand your Minifantasy collection, along with other good perks.

This is solid! I love the style and character of the assets.

Hahaha :) I'm very glad you found Minifantasy! The collection is definitely a great starting point for a new project, it will get you covered ;)

As for the upcoming packs in the collection, I release a new asset pack every month. The fun part is that Minifantasy is run by my Patreon community,  supporters suggest and vote for the upcoming packs, so they are in total control of where the collection is going :D 

For this month they voted "Minifantasy - Lost Jungle", an ancient jungle tileset with dinos and other cool stuff. It will be ready at the end of the month.

Hi Romek! Thanks a lot for the kind words :) I'm glad you like the collection.

If you buy the complete bundle, you can use the free packs content in commercial projects. 


Thanks for the comment ^^

I'm glad you like it Hashiroi!

Thanks a lot boss ;)

Thank you :)

Awesome work as usual! The new kid sprite is very cute, and the adventure pack looks very cool too :) Great job! 

Thank you Drdru. Currently, I can't enable the bank card alternative. I'm sorry for the inconvenience it may cause you.

I hope the assets fit well in your project, the sample of previous work you shared looks fantastic. I would love to see Minifantasy assets in there too :)

Hi Drdru! Thanks for asking :)

Always that you don't re-sell/re-distribute the assets as separate images or nfts, I have no problem with them being used to illustrate stories. 

I can't wait to see the result! 

If you have other questions do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Thanks for letting me know! I will fix it right away.
The tile you mention should be pushed 2 pixels upwards.

Hahaha xD
Thanks! :)