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Hi Husaria Games,
1. You will get access to all the content in the exclusive archive as soon as you join Patreon at a  $3 subscription or more. Every month I add new content and you will be able to get it as long as you are a Patron.

2. You need to send me a message on Patreon asking me for coupons for the asset packs you want. You can request the coupons any moment you need them.  

Hi Husaria,

1. I understand your concerns about the sprites you would wish the collection has but that hasn't been added yet. Please understand that the Minifantasy collection is huge and it is being used by many different devs to make prototypes and games. Everyone needs different sprites to cover different game mechanics and ideas. 

I always try to include suggestions from my supporters, I take note of every single idea. I have a huge backlog of suggestions, planned new packs and other additions that I tackle in priority order every week. Unfortunately, my time is limited xD

An 8x8 icon collection is planned but it hasn't a release date yet.

2. Upcoming asset packs are decided by my Patreon Community every month through polls. The direction that the Minifantasy Collection takes depends on them.

Thanks for all your suggestions and ideas, I'm really happy you like Minifantasy!

Hi Husaria Games! Sorry for the late answer, I have been very busy these last days. 

Patreon Exclusive content is accessible to all Patrons that contribute with 3 USD or more every month. 

Minifantasy collection seting is a medieval-fantasy one. Unfortunately I'm not planning to include any modern stuff like arcade machines, or other props from our modern world, in the near future. 

I can not play your demo because my system identifies you executable as risky one. For safety reasons I don't run executables that trigger warnings. I hope you understand it. 

Thanks for sharing your questions and suggestions! 


Hahaha, Thanks! I hope you find most UI elements you may need in the pack ^^

Thank you :)

Great job guys! I finished it :) It was challenging, the first runs ended with head crushed by the Mino in the first stage :P But I got the hang of it after a few attempts. The different weapons were fun to try!

Fun Football game! My record is 12 points xDDDD I need to keep practicing :P

Thanks for using my little character!

Hi again :)
No worries, I didn't take it in any bad way. I'm here to help.
Sadly I can't add a card payment option because the card service used by Itch doesn't operate where I live.

Hi Husaria Games, thanks for reaching me.

1. Unfortunately a roll animation doesn't currently exist.

2. It means a link to the finished project website, steam page or play sore, etc. It is just to include it in my personal portfolio. You don't need to send me a free copy of your game by any means. 

I hope it answers your questions. If you need any other thing do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Good luck with your game! I can't wait to see it ^^

Hey! Thanks for sharing it with me ^^ I just tested the game, it's fun! I really liked the mechanic of taking control of the enemies with the parasite  🐛 Good luck!

(1 edit)

Hi Josh, thanks for reaching me. For Minifantasy I don't use a specific colour palette. I freestyle my own palettes for each pack depending on what I think fits better. Also, I don't limit the number of colours I use for a given pack. I understand your concerns, but Minifantasy might not be the best option for retro systems. I'm sorry for the inconveniences it may cause you 

Amazing work! It looks gorgeous :) Those bats in the cave hit hard xD

Hi again Nickideums. Recently I have been making new trees for the newest asset pack in the Minifantasy series. Also, I was experimenting with smaller tree designs to be added to this asset pack because you were requesting them. Unfortunately, after some testing, I don't feel like an 8x16px tree fits with the whole collection. For now, smaller trees will not be added. I hope you understand.

Of course 00Her0! Feel free to use as many of the assets as your project requires ;)

Fantastic! :)

Nice to see another of your games with my little dudes running around :D But this time they are the big dudes :P Thanks for using them so often, you made my day!

I'm glad you like it Antikx. Thanks!

Thank you Netherwave! :) 

Little by little and month after month. I'm surprised too! I remember when I started this Itch adventure last April with Minifantasy - Dungeon and nothing else :)

After the update, my previous journal entries show no text. they are not deleted, but the text of each entry has been erased. I don't know it is a bug or just a side effect of the update.

No rush, take your time. You are making an incredible work. I'm so hooked to Ironsworn thanks to your app :) 

I got the Delve expansion and I'm already playing with it with the pdf open in the side hahaha. 

I would prefer to see Delve implemented first, but you know better than anyone what should be added first. So follow your own roadmap ;) 

This is amazing! I was waiting for this update, Thanks for the hard work ^^

Are you planning to add delve mechanics and oracles to the app?

This asset pack is truly beautiful. Great work! 10/10

Thanks Creus! I hope you guys find them informative ^^

Hi again Netherwave!
First of all, thanks a lot for considering joining us at Patreon :) I'm very sorry you're having problems with the payment method.
Since Patreon exclusive content is that, I don't have it available on any other platform. However, if you can, contact me through Twitter, FB or Instagram @krishna_palacio. Let's try to fix it out! :D

Thanks for your support Netherwave! I'm glad you like my work :)

The upcoming asset packs in the collection are usually chosen by my Patrons, some of them propose themes that are added to a monthly voting poll. Then everyone votes on which will be the next pack in the collection from that pool of options. However, I will keep in mind your suggestion, I think it will make a great and useful addition for Minifantasy :D

I hope I can play your RPG some day in the future! I wish you the best in your project and your learning process :)

Hi chiuri, unfortunately I can't setup credit card payment in Itch.Io.

 If you want, you can contact me via Twitter DM and we can see if there is some way we can solve this :) 

Amazing! I can't wait to see the notepad implemented. 

For the time tracking thing, I came out with a temporal solution. I created an epic track in the character sheet called Day 1 to 10. 1 tick means morning, 2 ticks midday, 3 ticks afternoon, and 4 ticks night.  A fully filled box represenst one day. When I fill all the boxes in the track I change the name of it to day 11 to 20. 

It solved my problem with time tracking :) 

I'm sure you will be able to turn your passion into your full-time job. Keep pushing and don't give up!

I would like to share with you a couple of suggestions for the future:

  • A notepad in the character sheet to write down things such as important items you carry or conditions.
  • A way to mark/record the pass of time and the moment of the day. Like morning/afternoon/night, and every time you progress from night to morning and new day is added to your adventure.

Take it easy, I know it is not easy to develop a project from scratch. If these fit your plans would be a great addition :)

Hi David, 

I just wanted to let you know that I discovered Ironsworn thanks to this app. I randomly saw it on Itch, and something made me click in your project. I wasn't familiar with solo roleplaying at all, but thanks to The Augor I went to check what Ironsworn was. In half a day I learned the basic rules and thanks to the free version of The Augur I was playing a game in no time.

I had a blast! I wasn't aware that I wanted to play this game so much xDDD

I just purchased the Supporter version :) 

Thank you for everything. Keep the great work. Wish you the best in this adventure.

Thanks Antikx! :)

Minifantasy - Magic And Sorcery

The size of every frame in this asset pack is 32x32px. The different animations of a given creature or spell are aligned to ensure a smooth transition between the different sprites of this asset pack and other asset packs of this collection.

Welcome to Minifantasy - Magic And Sorcery, a charming asset pack with a selection of Spell animations for top-down view and platformer fantasy games. This animations and models have been created to work with 8x8px tilesets.

What does this asset pack include?

The animations of this pack are created in separated layers. You can mix and match character layers and spell layers to create over 120 different combinations.

All animations of this pack are available for 6 different Minifantasy humanoid characters:

  • Human
  • Halfling
  • Goblin
  • Elf
  • Orc
  • Dwarf

There are 5 different Magic Schools included in this pack:

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Holy

And 3 different spells for every school:

  • Magic Projectile. Available in 8 directions!
  • Magic Explosion
  • Magic Shield
  • Special healing and protection effects for the Holy school
Wind Explosion


Ice Shard Projectile

Fire Shield
Holy Aura

It also includes Buff / Power Charging effect in 6 different colours: 

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow

Hi! Thanks for your support :)

I added your request into my to-do list. I will try to update it soon. I will let you know here once it is available ;)

Cool! I can't wait to play it :P

Hi! Minifantasy Dungeon is free :) enjoy it!

Minifantasy - Tiny Overworld

Welcome to Minifantasy - Tiny Overworld, probably the largest and most complete 4x4 tileset you can find in Itch ;) Minifantasy - Tiny overworld is a huge asset pack that contains more than 1300 tiles and over 120 props featuring all Minifantasy biomes!

It was specially created to zoom-out Minifantasy world and see it from a wider perspective. It is perfect for making game world maps or to implement other mechanics for your game, such as Strategy view, Travel Network, Zone Maps, etc. It also includes a 4x4 tileset to create cartographic style maps.

What does this asset pack include?

This asset pack contains more than 1300 4x4 tiles, including:

  • 50+ Cartographic style tiles
  • 115+ Forgotten Plains tiles
  • 260+ Desolate Desert tiles
  • 140+ Icy Wilderness tiles
  • 190+ Murky Swamp tiles
  • 190+ Poisonous Swamp tiles
  • 400+ Merging tiles to combine the different biomes

It also includes more than 100 props related to the different biomes, including different plants, trees, rocks, etc:

  • 16 Forgotten Plains props
  • 20 Desolate Desert props
  • 23 Icy Wilderness props
  • 21 Murky Swamp props
  • 21 Poisonous Swamp props

The Pack also contains more than 20 buildings, including:

  • Campsites
  • Cabins
  • Huts
  • Houses
  • Watchtower
  • Castle
  • Docks

Lastly is also adds 4 flexible modular constructions, including:

  • Stone walls
  • Wooden walls
  • Stone bridge
  • Wooden bridge