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I adore this game! I wish there were more simple yet lovely games like this in the world but alas~

Beautiful artwork, cute characters (Burdoc's a little cinnamon bun oWo) and amazing play through. 

But I need help. I can't get one ending ;^; I have single minded, amends, dad, lady, dad+lady, friendship and poly. 

Please help.


Hey-- thanks a ton! We're always happy to hear people like Tomai (especially because we'll be adding some new content to the game soon) and I'm always personally so happy to hear people like Burdoc~ I'd love to recommend AWOO to you as well; since it's written by the same person and also draw by me!

Anyways-- about the endings! Usually we would just recommend you buy and check out the endings guide (which can be received by donating $1 to the game!) but since you've already gotten so many endings already; I'll give you a hint!

You're actually missing *two* endings if your list here is correct! So I'm going to suggest to you; Tomai can't become a fully rounded leader by just spending time with JUST his Dad or JUST the Lady, y'know?  And once you find this ending; there's also a variant on it involving Burdoc and Malik. So try that out for size! (And to be clear; the endings guide is much less cryptic than this-- so check it out!)

Ahh. I got all endings now :D thanks for the tip. Sorry that I couldn't pay for your game though, I'm still studying. Though I'll be sure to buy the art and guide afterwards to support you guys! Looking forward to the update (omg new content!!).

Thanks a ton-- glad you got all the endings!