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Cow was real fun! It's questions actually made me think! I answered the first three questions fine but got it didn't like my last two answers. Philosophical indeed!

i love it.

where's the expansion lmao

if you do decide to expand it you could at in different corn characters, or idk

but i love it


very cute. love the ambience and overall graphics. mouse sensitivity is a bit too much, though. 

adorable <3 love the art and lil cat mews

<3 love this. very nice. music is relaxing. graphics are soothing. overall wholesomeness

help. lmao. couldn't find owners of some items. it's not a problem for the game, though. love the graphics, sound effects, and bits of text from the characters. each of em have a personality that really shows! 

this is nice. and lovely.

cheers :)

Ahh. I got all endings now :D thanks for the tip. Sorry that I couldn't pay for your game though, I'm still studying. Though I'll be sure to buy the art and guide afterwards to support you guys! Looking forward to the update (omg new content!!).

I adore this game! I wish there were more simple yet lovely games like this in the world but alas~

Beautiful artwork, cute characters (Burdoc's a little cinnamon bun oWo) and amazing play through. 

But I need help. I can't get one ending ;^; I have single minded, amends, dad, lady, dad+lady, friendship and poly. 

Please help.