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(4 edits)

Great game! It's quite addicting. My best score so far is 9041.

Edit: 10849!!

Also should mention, you might want to put the controls in there just to be clear.

Edit 2: 11078!!

Edit 3: Um, I found a glitch. I failed the obstacle where you have to jump around a rectangle, and instead of falling, my triangle ran into the wall without falling. I can't jump, I can move side to side, but my score is just constantly going up now. Hasn't yet beaten my PB though.

Edit 4: So, to do the glitch, just jump into that wall I was talking about.

Oh yeah, I changed the collider at the last minute to fix a different bug, and didn't check that! Something to fix for an update, haha

(11078 is a great score)