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Three things I would like if possible:

1) More choice of general contemporary clothing. I felt there was only the illusion of choice through most of the game, the wardrobe system seemed to have only 1 or 2 items available for each slot which made it seem a bit superfluous (I appreciate more can be unlocked). I want to be able to mix and match and experiment, which you couldn't really do with 2 main outfits. I felt it was either the 40s outfit or T-shirt/Jeans combo for most of the game.

2) Old Fashioned style hotel uniforms: See Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel for inspiration!


So stylish!

3) This is probably a lot more to ask than simply adding more outfits but I would like the option of asking Asterion to slim down to his second size. I appreciate reaching his buff fully healed form is part of his literal 'personal growth' through the happy playthroughs, but I actually physically preferred him at his second size where only his eye is injured. He's still big but not a giant.

As the hotel can supposedly do anything with his form the issue here would be more technical implementation with the sprites than creating any issues with the established logic or story, but I appreciate it's probably not a priority.



Hello, Grognard!

The issue with Asterion slimming down is entirely with the workload it would take, yeah. It makes sense in-universe, it would not be beyond Asterion's capacity. However, making another set of sprites (and clothes) for Asterion, then remaking the CGs would be a very big endeavor for us and we aren't in a position where we could really do that.

Reusing his previous sprites wouldn't be feasible, sadly. They are rigged in different ways so we can't just switch them back and forth, because the half-healed sprites also move the arms around independently.

Looking back we should have anticipated that some people would have preferred the half-healed/a slimmer look. I think it's a perfectly valid preference. We would do it if it was feasible given our resources — but, sadly, it isn't.


No worries, thank you for the response! I'll learn to love him how he is. I can't remember if we saw his largest form in the flashbacks before or after he was fully healed. It might have helped if I knew how he was going to turn out from the start if we saw more of that earlier in the game, but it's really a minor thing.