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i have some problems ... im using Acrobat Reader DC to open it .. (Adobe Reader idk ) but it doesnt want to open .. it says something like this (Adobe Acrobat Reader couldnt open 'courages curse V1.0.2 (64bit).rar.' because the file is not accepted (or something like that) or the file was damaged 

example : it was sent as an atachement for e-mail and it wasnt decoded corect 

pls help me i really want to play this game .. is too awesome 

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So first, you need to download it and save it, then use winrar (not adobe) to open the rar file, once opened you can access the folder and double click the application to play.

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ok ... i found the folder application .. when i double click it it makes my screen black then it shows me like this 

(fatal error :

[file /d3d11rhi/private 

unreal engine in exiting due to D3Ddevice being lost )

i think from there u cant help me anymore 

Yeah, damn, that D3D error is something I can't fix. It's a rare bug that happens to some players, but sadly it's not the game's fault, it's Unreal Engine's fault. Nothing I can do unfortunately.