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Hi, ScrarecrowKing. Food Rations is something more linked to the "Blood Ink" game mode, which is more "narrative-oriented". You can use it as replacement for Bait, you can use it to help someone starving or just regain strengh. I'm working on an update, and I will try to give it a more "mechanical" effect. I will have this potential fatigue-clearing instant effect in the next update. Thanks!

In the meanwhile, if you have any other suggestion, I will glady read it!

It's a fun little game. I played a solo campaign last night, and enjoyed it. There are some translation issues, but those are tiny and don't affect gameplay. One question about Skirmishes. What is the sequence? Do all players take an Action, then all enemies? Or do enemies only 'attack' on a failed roll from the players? When do they get an action? 

I really like how you can customize The Edge. Any thoughts on something like different ammo for The Penetrator?

It's a beautiful looking game. You did a really great job on the layout.  Any chance of a version laid out to be printed booklet-style?

Thank you very much!

· Characters declare their actions at any order, but they are reolved simultaneosly. Hematofagues "attack" just in response of the PCs' actions (that's why everyone must declare an action always). Hematofagues does not have "turns".
· The Penetrator would be very interesting with different types of ammo like Armor piercing, Incendiary and harpoon-like ammo. The only reason why they aren't in this version of this game is to keep it simple.
· It's in my plans to make an extended version, very much like my last game (Worlds Beyond The Infernal Breach).

I really appreciate your feedback, english is not my first language and I am not a graphic designer, so every comment helps me grow on those areas.

An expanded version would rock. I had a thought that this game could easily be re-themed from vampires to werewolves. I'm going to try to run this game tomorrow night, and I can hardly wait lol.