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Thank you!

¡Gran dato! ¡Gracias!

Cool! Thanks and sorry! Looked  like just a problem on Itch.

Try now.

For some reason the File appears as 0KB. But it seems that can be opened while downloaded. It seems to be a problem on Itch.

Thanks! No, but if you play with more than 5, you need to create a new character with the blank character sheets (as there are only 6 main characters and one is lost). Runs very well with 3-5.



No, amigo, ARGENTINA!

Thank you very much, JFG!


Thank you very much, Ryan!

Thank you for your review and summary, Kumada.

· The Omamori only works once. Multiples pictures on the same Omamori do not grant more Spirit Power.
· "Boke" is the japanese term for "blur" in photography. In context, there's no much interpretation left.

Thank you very much! I'll update it!

Hello, Kiwi. Recommended is 3 to 5 players (best with 4). And sessions depend much on the playing group, but surely works for a 3-4 hours one-shot.

CG you have complete freedom with my games!

I want to draw like that... Really nice looking.

Thanks to you!

Thank you very much!

Cool concepts!

Hola, por supuesto. Por ahora se encuentran en páginas separadas, pero eventualmente voy a dejar todo en una sola. ¡Muchas gracias!


Mmmm... Very nice looking.

It's ready!

I really appreciate those words, Maik. Muchas gracias.

Ready! Take a look to this page again!


The Hero has always the advantage because is the good guy sacrificing his life.

Like most shonen manga.

COOL! I'm gonna start soon!

I can't stop myself.

A vos. Tenia ganas de  hacer un hack de alguno de tus juegos de que jugué Máscara de Muerte Roja.

I'll try to read this as soon as posible.

I'll try to read this as soon as posible.

Congrats on your first game, hope you publish a lot more.


Muy buen concepto.

A killer combo, made with Norse Mythology and The Cthulhu Mythos. The cosmic horror takes a new perspective with the action/adventure oriented style of 18XX series.

Get this game if you want to live a pre-apocalyptic tale in this unusual and eldritch premise of  gods against gods.

Congrats DeepLightGames for this interesting new title!

¡Muy copado!