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¡Quiero ver!

Madoka, Yuki Yuna and other anime with deconstruction on the genre. Sailor Moon gets pretty dark in some instances.


Thanks! I'm so glad to hear that!

Thank you, Nana! Please tell me specifically what do you need expanded and I surely see what can be done.

Thanks. Most likely will be.

Thank you!

Thank you very much, friend!

No problem. Tell me if anything.

As with most games without HP, because  maybe:

• Someone may have cut your arm wirh a katana and you need to use both hands.

• A flash grenade has burnt out your eyes.

• The holes from a barrage of bullets its making you spill all your blood into the pavement.

• You quickly have to run through a sun-lit street and you have to resist setting yourself in flames.

• You fall from a tall building while escaping, and both your legs are broken, you heal now or get arrested.

• The armored car you tried to stop has eun over you and you have been reduced to a pulp.

• You need to gain time while the enemy gang is torturing you.

• You need to forcibly remove a nano-augmentation without killing yourself.

• In order to free yourself from the hook you are hanging on, you have to rip yourself apart.

• You are in crippling pain.

There's no mandatory need to express it on round numbers or numerical penalties. Sometimes or you heal or you die or you heal or you can't act.

Thank you very much for your kind words, friend! I hope I can make more like this.

Friend, I send you an e-mail with the link some hours ago. Let me know if anything.

Yes! It was one of my inspirations. This one is more horror and rules-light.

Sure, friend! Tell me if you need anything.

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Hi, friend:
· There's no HP in this game. If you get wounded and you want to heal, you have to spend Juice.
· This game does not uses Tracks. Albeit, you can use them as in the original BitD.
· You share/divide the Stash between Vamps, you don't have a personal amount of money.
· To get upgrades for your bike, you spend Stash.
· As there is no HP in this game, enemies don't deal points of damage, nor have an specific amount of sustained damage. Bullets pierce flesh, swords cut limbs, grenades blow up stuff. The grade of destruction is based on your rolls.

I hope this make things a little more clear, just ask if anything. Enjoy you game!

Done, friend. Let me know if there's any other problem. Please, enjoy.

I'll do it right now!

¡Muchas gracias, colega!


Hola, Juan Pablo! Lo ví y te dejé un comentario, pero se ve que todavía no apareció. Así que te lo vuelvo a dejar por acá: me pone muy contento leer tu entrada, la cuál voy a compartir por mis redes. Tengo que agradecer tu ánimo por visibilizar estos trabajos. Ojalá te haya gustado.

Congratulations on your release!

Congrats on this new release!

Thank you, very much, Moo.

I sent you a message through your e-mail. Please let me know if you received it.

Hi! Please reach me out through Twitter or E-mail and I glady talk with you.  Or leave me a way to reach you.

Hi! Those are to mark the unlocked new Systems. You start with two, so therefore there are two already marked. There are no "life points". I hope I answered your question.


Thanks, friend!


That would be great! I'm glad you like it. If you make something, don't hesitate to send me the link so I can add it to the list!

Also, I'm thinking of releasing a 2nd edition of Cruciamen 9X!

¡Gracias! ¡Espero que te guste!

That's a very nice review of Maze of the Spider, thank you very much!


A game you can't forget!

Cool looking, friend!

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The WORLD is in a WAR fought with MECHAS. You are a PILOT, shaped to fight, witness to atrocities, bearer of wounds, a tool for victory. This is the story of your dreams and ambitions.

Experience a war drama of giant robots rooted in Gundam and Macross.

ARMORED BATTLE FRAME is a tabletop role-playing game (like D&D, for example) in pamphlet format. The rules are focused on action and development of your character, their arc, relationships and dreams. it's fast paced and easy to get in. There are plenty of Community Copies if you want to try it out. Hope you enjoy it!

Get ARMORED BATTLE FRAME  and/or check my other games in MUNDOS INFINITOS.

¡Muchas gracias por la observación! Apenas pueda lo corrijo.

Che, Vane, ¡muchas gracias! Lo probamos y lo agrego.

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Hi, Deadlytoque! Thank you very much! For the "fail condition" to trigger, you need to reach "LESS THAN 0", so it would be "-1". From the starting value ("0"), you have to reduce it by one.

Hope my comment makes it clearer! If you need anything else, just let me know!

I really appreaciate your coment. Thanks!