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Really liked what I've seen so far. Unfortunately I seem to have hit a bug! 

There's a save point in a graveyard with big yellow crosses. When activated, it faded the screen to black and I saved. However after this the screen remained black. (I could still open the menu, just couldn't see anything.) I'd go back there to try and reproduce the problem, but I was pretty lost!


I did feel the areas could be a bit too big and sparse. But I really dig the art style and the music. Enough to keep me wandering. Oh, and I loved the opening. The scrolling buildings, the music, even the title text - all really cool.

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Great that you liked the game so far! Also thanks for reporting the bug, I will try to release a patched version tomorrow that removes it. I believe it is possible to play around the black screen by entering the menu and selecting a memory to teleport to. I understand this is not ideal, I will patch it asap.)

edit: I just patched it and uploaded a new version.  I have double checked all savepoints and this was the only one with issues. (This problem came up during playtesting already and we thought we had fixed all instances, but one was left behind.)