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I'm back.

YES!! I've been getting the campaign up and running more and more. I added a more roguelike "fog of war" for the campaign.

And I also added trap blocks that look like normal blocks but when shot at they reveal themselves to be ... traps!

Traps can do different effects but the one I worked on today was Gas. Gas spews out and can heal or damage you or whatever.

Who farted
I was also experimenting with a bunch of different graphic styles.

Black(gray) and white?

Those are all the different styles I added. You should already be familiar with raw graphics mode...I hope. I plan to use these for different levels(bosses maybe, special floors) and status effects (crazy for hallucinations, the colors of the tiles change like every 1/10 of a second). I still have to fix the sprites for gophers though 😥 . Any way that's about it for today folks.

See yah next time!