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Amazing VN -- *Whenever* I find a visual novel that not only features F/F romance, but does it WELL -- GOSH: I'm so APPRECIATIVE.
More than anything, I *Must* Praise the Depth of Characterization in the PC -- I *Adored* how you could have this scholarly, troublemaker, cunning -- KNOWS when to PLAY THE GAME -- character(who if you chose, could be a Manipulative, Horrible Person). Honestly, favorite character has to be HER.

My one Truly Heartbreaking Disappointment was the way Sofia's route ended. After playing Charlotte's route(and seeing the number of kisses featured --and even a mini-epilogue of sorts) I *really* felt Cheated; that Sofia romance was one of 'almosts'. You don't even get as solid a declaration of love. Truly sad since Sofia was a Tremendously written and fleshed out character I felt was truly on par with my particular PC. But to close of such great pacing and banter and chemistry with such a nebulous ending.... I just felt they deserved better.

Regardless: Thank you so much for all your effort with this game.


Hello, leogrl19, and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the game even though you felt disappointed on Sofia's route. 

Sofia had a certain circumstances which limited what she could do with regards to her family situation, which made her route differ from Charlotte's, but since you felt you were missing out without an 'official kiss', I asked the artist for the below. I hope that it goes some way to making you feel better. ^_^

Thanks for playing


You know when you see something and you DIDN'T KNOW HOW MUCH YOU NEEDED IT, until it EXISTED? *THAT'S* how you sharing this art made me Feel. Thank you So Much -- what a Way to Start a Monday!

Completely understand where you're coming from with Charlotte having a bit more breathing room given she didn't face the same circumstances(I'm sure her rank helped as well), but it was Painful seeing her and PC get that open kiss in FRONT OF EVERYONE after Sofia's route. Even that little Push further in Private would have been Everything. But again: Disappointment only stems from something you care deeply about. Every moment Sofia and my PC were together, I was Thrilled.

A thing I neglected to mention in my first comment: I Adored that you featured darker-skinned characters in this game -- I wasn't interested in the Prince romantically, but not seeing a Stereotypical Blonde-haired, blue eyed 'Charming'?  BEST. <3