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Oh wait, I just had a brain fart!

Is it because it's an X86 game rather than an ARM game? Why didn't I think of this!? lol!

Yeah, unfortunately I haven't gotten an ARM build working, the game was too complex by the time I got my raspberry pi and I couldn't track down all the weird issues that popped up with the compilation (it's still kind of an experimental engine feature). If that's an issue you should be able to contact Itch for a refund no problem. Sorry for the letdown!

Nah, I don't need a refund. I have x86 machines I can run the game on. It's just that I've been doing little projects where I build little arcade cabs with Raspberry Pis inside, and I thought I would try Mixolumia, seeing as there's a Pico-8 version, but I totally forgot that the Raspberry Pi is ARM-based and not x86 based.

Maybe there's an embedded Linux system out there that uses x86?


I wonder! I did buy a pi a while back with the hopes of getting the game running on one (it would be so convenient to go to a convention with a couple little boards instead of expensive computers) and I haven't given up yet, so I'll ping you if I ever figure it out.