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Hia,  Big fan here. i am on my fourth playthrough right now (Coach,Darius,Chester and now Dozer) and really love it to pieces but since there is such dramatic changes lately i Kind of want to give my two Cents to it.
okay since we have  this new art style now to stay. can we maybe at least tweak the Pictures a Little pleaaase?  In the new art some of the characters really lost some of there lovly Bear-belly (pun intended.) They all have Kind of slimed down . Especially Chester Looks rather flat now in compareson to his chest.
Also  i don't think Spencers Wink-grin Standard face works really well from this angle, from first glances it always Kind of Looks like both of his eyes are closed.
Darius i think works really good with the new art (thought i also like his old art just as much.)
finally. when everything else more important in the game is done it would be nice to get an Option to turn of the MC. it would help the Immersion.


I agree with everything your are saying! Tho I also think Coach looks a lot younger in this new art style as well.