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Conner McCoy

A member registered May 18, 2017

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Nah dude fuck you for having an opinion that goes against what the majority believe! How dare you be verbal that you like something more than another thing! No one likes your kind! Also yea I have a copy of the original art before Dyne switched artists. 

hey Dyne how do we check what version we have?

which version is 1.56? I can’t find the version anywhere on the games homepage and preferences 

become a 10$ patreon and gain access to the gallery which will also include the legacy gallery where you can see the old artwork.

are you 3$ patreon or 10$? Because only 10$ gets access to the Gallery.

I agree with everything your are saying! Tho I also think Coach looks a lot younger in this new art style as well.

Dyne used to have 1 day added on to two people (2 new days in total) but not since the art changed because he now spends his time switching the art for the days. So to actually answer your question, YES! Only one day per update for one character.

yea, dune only had the gallery for you guys as kinda like a throwback, and to see the old art style. But now if you want the gallery than you have to be a 10$ paetron, which includes the gallery and the Legacy Gallery, the Legacy one has all the old art style from CM, and the Normal gallery has CGB. Hope this helps!

Huh, I actually feel a little bad for going for him now...I love him and all but if it causes him so much pain and depression than I feel very conflicted and guilty!

well if you want the latest update than you have to be apart of his Pateron which you can be for $3, his paetrons are always (I believe)  2 updates ahead of his public demo which is what this is. So you would have to be a part of his paetrons and download it from the link he gives out his paetrons. And you can be a 10$ paetron which unlocks the gallery and some other cool stuff. But there is no finished game as of yet and probably won’t be finished in a long time (good thing). I’m one of his paetrons so I Hope this helps! 

you will need to redownload it

You will be able to date Richard! But Dyne will only start on his route once he finishes up another, so most likely Harold’s since he is the farthest along, but once Harold is done he will start on Richard.

yes, Richard will have his own route, but that’s in the future when dyne finishes up a route

there’s Paetron where you can leave a tip if one should wish to.

yea it’s really hard to figure out but you need to soap up his armpits. It took me a LONG time of clicking random places to figure it out.

I’m currently up to date in every route, I’m even a Pateron to get updates faster and I enjoy ALL of the routes. I’m not saying to not play them or that they are bad. I’m just saying that out of all of them I enjoyed Harold’s the most, and I like Harolds character the most.  But if you have the demo than there is no reason to not play all the routes and one should.  I just personally like Harold the most, sorry if I came off like an ignorant child defending his favorite candy without even trying other kinds...

Great so far! Im really enjoying it and hope for more soon!

because it’s cringey 

but not as good as Harold’s route. 

Make Harold your favorite! But Chester and Spencer are great too.


click on the tiny X on the top right corner on his computer 

Ok thx! Than I'm going to go to patreon and do it there.

How do I access the donation demo? Is there a certain amount I need to donate to get it? (either way was planning to donate $10, just wondering how to get the most of my money!)

Coach is the best rout in my opinion, and I believe he is the canon love interest. Makes sense to me!

Thank YOU for making an Amazing game!😁

I Love this game! Its amazing, so far I can not get enough of coach he is my favorite by far, and all the others are great as well! Cant wait for more, and I hope ill be able to support you soon.