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the only ending that is missing is the one where i can please my Pred and still get digested cause i want to be food for him.

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personally, i preferred the older art for the IMP  cause i like the brighter red color and the diabolic purple. but to each there own i guess.

Man i absolutly love this game. i played it for the last 3 days to get every single archievment. its great. keep up the good work, i hope there is more.

if i may make a suggestion i would like to have more options to bottom/sub for Beasts, Like the fully corrupted Togar, you could bottom for him once, but in every fight after that you had to top.

Finally a VN that understands my urge to be a Demon Wolf xD

i meant after he is done with toms route, obviously.

Please Rask route next. Canines need some love too. plus he is just so adorable

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Sadly, almost  with every new  game version the vore content got lighter. but in this case the short answer is simply that you already got to see what is to see there so far and the other content you mentioned still needs to be implemented in time.
The other stuff is simply not implemented yet but will hopefully be in time.

would like to know that too.
i heard that you need to have the fighting app and that he would appear after 9 in west district. but he doesnt appear for me, so there is still a trigger missing.

So i met Koa while working at the bar and later got "sniffed out" by him.
but it feels like i missed an event, cause in the bar they seemed to behave like they already know each other and not like meeting for the first time.

Gen is a special case. you wont become a Gal.
But seeing earlier version of SBA it is pretty likely that you can become a Cunt-boy and get together with Gen that way in some future update.

so wait...the phone change isnt in the public version? thats sad. 
And what does "Early Viewers" mean exactly?

This Game really needs a Guide, to know which person is avaible at what time and what requirement is necessary for certain events. Since the game right now has ALOT of empty timeframes were just nothing happens.
and we still have to wait until they come up with a better version of the PATS/MAPS apps. 

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Got informed that they are working on a fix already and that they will discuss how to make the GPS/pats thing better in the future.
just so everyone here knows.

just to clarify, the intention of the portraits in the lower right was not only to see who is there but also that portraits itself were clickable so that one can start interacting with the person directly without the need of pulling up the phone or opening an app. i didnt really describes it right the first time. xD (time to fix that)

ups i have seen this to late or i would have put my idea here instead of a few answers above. oh well xD

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As seen here, lots of space in the middle to put whatever stuff there and no need for a permanent phone on the side.
Upper left icons for moving around and lower right icons showing all people that are avaible at the time to interact with and to be directly clickable without using phone/app).
Now its just an idea, and i fully understand if you dont want it (or it is not at all possible or doesnt work with your game idea,
I just dont wanted to be one of these people who always complain but never bring up an idea of there own, thats all xD

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okay, so i tryed the patch version with the working phone and , i am very sorry to say this, but the whole PATS/GPS design with the permanent phone at the side and the switching in between is still really bad and annoying
You already explained in the past why you want the system cause things would get to cluttered in the middle in future versions.
So i admit i am no programmer but i had the idea: why not use the icons you are already using in the phone  for the main picture so that you can still put away your phone AND dont need to switch between two apps ?
i took a bit of time with a Picture editor to show you what i mean.

your new handy system is bugged everytime it is used in the house. its just showing a white screen.

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yay, i had the same view three months ago as i asked what was up with this design choice, i will just copy/paste there answer here 

TeamZorro Quote: 

"Once all the areas and starting npcs are in, there are some places where you can go to 4 places from one area, and that will eventually increase. Combine that with being able to meet different npcs around the same time. The screen will become cluttered with options. We're moving away from rnging meeting the guy you want through the events and just talking to them when they are at x location at x time, as people were annoyed with rng trying to meet the guy they want to with the old.

Also it adds a bit more of overtone that the fact the player and their phone are linked."

---quote End

i too, still think this design choice is kind of questionable and working with it is tedious. Also  the "the fact the player and their phone are linked"-part  leaves are bad taste in my mouth, i mean do they really need to be?

Guess we#ll just have to have faith that it will turn out well in the future.

i get a bunch of errors, mostly with tanabe stuff. often telling me
NameError: name 'phone_Tanabe' is not defined

am i the only one with this problem?
i can skip the stuff and try to get it from context, but its still kind of annoying.

I see, now i understand.  Thanks for the informative answer.

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sooo, i dont really get the point of the phone GPS/Dating app gimmick.
it just seems like an unnecessary extra step to get things done.
why click on the phone extra when you could do things dierectly before?  
also always having the phone on the site now for stuff is kind

 i dont try to critic, maybe its necessary for stuff that comes later into play, that could be possible. i am just curious.

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thats what i am saying. update take a long time to come out, and when a  story gets start over from scratch, much of the first months is put into "worldbuilding" and "character introduktion"  and when it seems it finally starts to get somewhere content wise(which can take 6 months to a year)...boom,another engine update.

wether it can be helped or not, it should be understandable why this is kind of frustrating for some people ,since that happened more than once.  that why i said, an official message to reassure would be nice. thats all.

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i think that some of us long time fans are more upset cause that is not the first or  second  time that this game got a new engine. and most of the time got completly reworked in the process. starting from scratch.
if there was just somekind of reasurance that the next time this story gets worked on, it will be worked on for good without anymore restarts. that would help  calming the nerves.

wanted to start a new game for Harukis route....whyyy have you shortened the first name to only allowing 8 letters? the one i always choose had 9 ,meep.also the name is still shown correctly in my already existing save files, so it cant be that much of a problem having a longer first name.

i Second the Orc thing. a nice green Musclegut orc would suit the Gym very well.

Several months? ...oh boy that gonna be a hard time to wait -.-
Well at least its not a year or so, as some other online VNs sometimes take.
Always look on the bright side.

from my experience, i would say its still worked on, but it is also not unusual for this team to have loooong update pauses when they do some engine upgrade stuff as they tend to do that every so often and never seem to feel satisfied with the system they got.
You decide if that is good or bad news for you

what auqamarine path?
all decision i have in chapter 3  a either Death or move on ones.None of them really open up an alternat path.
This game could really use a You-dont-need-to-join-discord-just-download-it Guide

its a shame that the game doesnt continue on lost fights with an alternate route. One where we become the Werewolfs or bandits playtoy would be nice.

i would love to see a Rask update. Best boy deserves some love.

Wait. We Finally are Done with the Bird people and back to the main Plot?
HALLELUJA! thats great news.

So far as it is right now, the answer seems to be: Nope.

am i the only one who would wish that Yuuichi (MC) would come out on top in  a few more of the friendly/teasing arguments with his friends/Aki ?  not saying everytime but right now  it feels like he gets dunked on 80% of the time and when he has a good counter he only says it in his thoughts. 

thought there was an event  in the beginning in Juns concert  where he teased shoichi that i remember was fun. (Whos a good boy?)   :D

Let me say first, this VN is one of my Favorits of all avaible and i really hold it in high regard, so i hope you please dont hold the following Rant against me, i just need to blow of some steam:
Cause In all honesty...not a fan of the twist. 
Its just like the worst way to make a cliffhanger and i hate it everytime something like that happens in a series/movie/book.
Its like...last scene something really glorious and epic happens, you are at the edge of your seat and want to know what happens after, then the next movie/book/season comes, and PSYCH, you get sometthing  of an overlong sidestory/DreamSequence instead. If it would have happen on a normal camp night or so it wouldnt be bad, but since it happened after such a climatic scene, the whole thing feels like one giant filler. and i mostly just skim-read throgh it, instead of giving it the attention it  deserved. i seriously couldnt find any motivation to read about ray and Bird gods and just wanted it to be over quickly.
sorry, had to get it out of my system.

Really great start. i have some suggestions too.
 it would be nice to see the cock of the dom sometimes even with the gear on.
Also maybe having "humiliation" or something similiar as a kink and have the dialogs getting nastier accordingly.

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i second the vore teasing. some Pred with a big musclegut who looks hungry would be nice.

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by the way, are you supposed to be screwed when Ares is charmed?
(i know its not the way to "beat" his encounter, i just wanted to know if that is normal or a bug.)
(Possible fight spoiler below?):

i mean, on one hand all his attacks a missing me, but on the other, he regenerates so much every round that all attacks become basically useless. and since i cant forfeit the match, or lose the match, i can practically only load an older savefile.

No problem, always glad to help.

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not really, thought i was clicking/skipping really fast.and i continued the game (long before the fight) from a save i made with an earlier version, dont know if that helps.