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Several months? ...oh boy that gonna be a hard time to wait -.-
Well at least its not a year or so, as some other online VNs sometimes take.
Always look on the bright side.

from my experience, i would say its still worked on, but it is also not unusual for this team to have loooong update pauses when they do some engine upgrade stuff as they tend to do that every so often and never seem to feel satisfied with the system they got.
You decide if that is good or bad news for you

what auqamarine path?
all decision i have in chapter 3  a either Death or move on ones.None of them really open up an alternat path.
This game could really use a You-dont-need-to-join-discord-just-download-it Guide

its a shame that the game doesnt continue on lost fights with an alternate route. One where we become the Werewolfs or bandits playtoy would be nice.

i would love to see a Rask update. Best boy deserves some love.

Wait. We Finally are Done with the Bird people and back to the main Plot?
HALLELUJA! thats great news.

So far as it is right now, the answer seems to be: Nope.

am i the only one who would wish that Yuuichi (MC) would come out on top in  a few more of the friendly/teasing arguments with his friends/Aki ?  not saying everytime but right now  it feels like he gets dunked on 80% of the time and when he has a good counter he only says it in his thoughts. 

thought there was an event  in the beginning in Juns concert  where he teased shoichi that i remember was fun. (Whos a good boy?)   :D

Let me say first, this VN is one of my Favorits of all avaible and i really hold it in high regard, so i hope you please dont hold the following Rant against me, i just need to blow of some steam:
Cause In all honesty...not a fan of the twist. 
Its just like the worst way to make a cliffhanger and i hate it everytime something like that happens in a series/movie/book.
Its like...last scene something really glorious and epic happens, you are at the edge of your seat and want to know what happens after, then the next movie/book/season comes, and PSYCH, you get sometthing  of an overlong sidestory/DreamSequence instead. If it would have happen on a normal camp night or so it wouldnt be bad, but since it happened after such a climatic scene, the whole thing feels like one giant filler. and i mostly just skim-read throgh it, instead of giving it the attention it  deserved. i seriously couldnt find any motivation to read about ray and Bird gods and just wanted it to be over quickly.
sorry, had to get it out of my system.

Really great start. i have some suggestions too.
 it would be nice to see the cock of the dom sometimes even with the gear on.
Also maybe having "humiliation" or something similiar as a kink and have the dialogs getting nastier accordingly.

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i second the vore teasing. some Pred with a big musclegut who looks hungry would be nice.

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by the way, are you supposed to be screwed when Ares is charmed?
(i know its not the way to "beat" his encounter, i just wanted to know if that is normal or a bug.)
(Possible fight spoiler below?):

i mean, on one hand all his attacks a missing me, but on the other, he regenerates so much every round that all attacks become basically useless. and since i cant forfeit the match, or lose the match, i can practically only load an older savefile.

No problem, always glad to help.

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not really, thought i was clicking/skipping really fast.and i continued the game (long before the fight) from a save i made with an earlier version, dont know if that helps.

Found a bug, was exploring the forest and encountered an enemy demon with only 1HP and no artwork. after beating him i got 100 source and a "C" (yes just the letter C) as a loot and then the game stops right there in the loot window (the music was still playing though.)

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yeah its already sad  to see how she lost a part of her innocents do to coles behavior even though she probably needed to grow a little . but lets not rob her of the rest she has.

Which at this pace, could literally take another year or more . So rather then nothing it would be nice to have a little bit to bridge the time. Something that can get updated later with the new assets.

Regardless of what he chooses to do, its nice that Matt still takes the time to answer questions here and to keep us in the loop. 

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oh i know,. i am a big fan trust me. i have read most of his stuff. That what add to the "if you get that constantly its really getting old fast".

so it would be nice if at least at one point in the game Zorro (or someone more calm) would just say "hey if you got question ,just ask, i answer as best as i can" and then actual get some explanation for some stuff....just to have a change of pace.

thought like i said above ,even if that never happens, i will still enjoy playing/reading his stuff. since there is more than enough other goodness in it.

i feel a little of the same only in a different sense.
i am annoyed   that NO ONE in this game is giving some straight answers.
Always with the "you dont need to know"  or "its not me to tell you" or some other stuff.  that maybe works for the beginning time but if you get that constantly its really getting old fast. 

Thankfully the game has other good  stuff i can concentrate on so i dont let it bother me to much.

to chime in on this.  its sad that it is alot of work, but maybe you find some easier solution someday.
i 'll just say, should you ever decide to do it. i would appreciate that as well.

Very nice beginning.
There is much potential for a fun game in the future.

i know its still early, but have you thought about giving the hostiles multiple vore possibility? like giving the gator a CV option and the Werewolf an OV one?

it is point out? whoops must have overlooked it, i just clicked on my team mates immediatly when i saw them.

Okay i tried clicking the river and he refilled his canteen for water. but how do i forage for food? i still cant find that. its not by the river.

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sooo i am pretty sure i bought some food rations while i was in the city. yet when the group leaves it it tells me everynight i would get strength -1  and i see only my waterflask and my bedroll, no rations everywhere in my inventory, nothing in "food" . BUT when the night ends it says 1 ration was consumed......i am confused.

Edit: i checked an older save from day 9 in the city, and yep. i had 5 rations.
also what happened to Killigans nature skills? surely we should get the option on the trip to gather some food. if not i find it rather sad that i now cumulate alot of minus points on strength.  

Dont have twitter. but i like bara types in general, and it is a look that is even rarer associated with Foxes ,so thats a plus for me too.
So i approve of the thicker look.

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i have just played this game for the first time and was really impressed. now coming back to this side i realize that i probably have to get used to that  all characters i just met will look different in the future.
its really kind of funny. xD
My Favorit so far is Qrom, even thought there wasnt much with him yet.
i really hope he doesnt change to much, its always nice to have at least one of the "Muscle and belly" type <3

Alright then. keep up the good work then.
Just for the Records, i loved all the characters so far :)

if it is like most times, i would guess in about 2 weeks, give or take a few days.

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Speak for yourself. i find it  Fine as it is.
The main purpose of such a story is  to entertain the Reader so they get enjoyment out of the experience. And i dare say that the Wholesomenis IS what draws most readers into this world. 

And since most of the advices come from parents that give them to friends of ther sons, i find that part fitting as well.

a nice Test version,  to short to get a really good impression yet, but its a good start.

yeah, i had this one too just now.

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Heh , Fair Enough. didnt consider that.

Nah, Saya is one of the ones who would Sacrifice themselve for someone elses sake.
Same with Shoichi Sadly(as much as he is my Favorit.)
Jun has a chance cause he certainly knows how to trick people.
 i would like to say Keisuke buuuuuuuuuut...he probably lose cause he got no idea how this "common people Kid games" are played and he could get tricked. xD

Yuuichi has a chance...unless Aki is involved (that one should be self explanary)

Soo yeah, i think the biggest chance have Jun or Aki i guess. or some other character i havent thought of yet. i am happy to hear other opinions to that :)


Now that are good news. cant wait to see it.

I dont mind Noc, he is great, to bad the game changed before we got more (vore) content with him.

This is probably still awhile till (if) we get there. 

 does this mean your new project involves Vore too?

Wow, again i love these update. Good for Sidd.
Also his Mother is very scary,

Thought that Cliffhanger is makes for a very hard waiting time for the next update.

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Yay no, i dont trust the story of the purescale. especially about the "the dreadstones came from the Big bad Bovians" part. i smell shenanigans. Also a  few other things:

-Binini is still best character and i will miss him dearly when Killigan departs.

- i am glad to see that killigan is more clever,unforgiving  and demanding towards the purescale (i wonder how casting the money aside will change future events if at all)

-Matagoffes "Voice" seems kind of, all the other voices are fine, but his is kind of ,how do i put it...irritating to listen to? dont know how to describe it.

-i wonder what kind of weapon Killigan will get. or if there are a few to choose from. personally i hope for a two-handed Axe. even though it is a little cliche Minotaur like xD

-i wonder if at one point we get to decide what Killigan will do with his future. , choices like "live with your own kind" "keep on traveling the world " or "Rebuild your hometown"

i had more stuff but i forgot half of it during the game. so good it was.