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Well if the map is any indicator. speak, if they want to fill out the entire Maps with places, and i am guessing most of them with multiple Story Encounters and missions i would say they are around 15% done, and what is there is already alot of great Content.

Really nice game so far. My Favorit route is Winchesters, love working for the Boss. hope there will be more soon.

Second Favorit would be Rock, thought i have to ask. could we get an Alternate second Picture of him? That he Always has one arm behind his back at all times looks Kind of  weird.

i was more thinking along the lines of having an actual decision that changes the Story/world, so far it seems to be "Canon" to heal the werewolfs to proceed in the Story. i would prefer an alternative to it which helps the werewolf side.

i think what we Need is a possible big Bad end (but not a gameover)  like we had with the lizards.
Maybe a way to become the Alpha of the werewolf pack and have the rest obey and/or have them attack the Village,making more lusty werewolfs. whuhahaha--ähem *cough*  ..just saying.

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shouldn't you update the screenshots on the front page here since Rask is now Rockin a totally new look? ;)
 Edit: nvm everything is up to date now.

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hmmhm, i guess, i like Rasks new look, at least his Body, we already have enough scrawnyness with John.  his face now Looks Kind of….soft?..innocent?..don't know. i guess its just something that is weird cause its new but soon everyone will be used to it.

Also John is best friend anyone can wish for. <3
And i don't know if some of the earlier parts are rewritten or if i never Paid much Attention to Johns route but for some reason i find the MC much less annoying than a few months ago, when i first tryed the game. Or Maybe i am just getting used to his randomness.

In any case, awesome  work, Keep it up. Looking Forward to more routes in the future.

Thats Great to hear. hope he is as hungry as ever too,
the game (at least the free Version,dont know the other)  lags sofar  in oral-vore Content (not counting the one optional shrink Scene.)

And i am so glad i could help inspiring you to new Things. sounds really interesting. and i agree that self Transformation iIS really nice and having the Options.

Speaking of Shops and such, will there be  one where one can buy Gym clothes (to finally Workout in the Gym) or a Gimp-suit( just asking for a Panther from the park *cough* )

Loved the drunk wolf fight and second Scene, hope there will be more with him in the future, best side character/Enemy(?) .

Also i wonder,since i remember the older Sba games. A there any plans for  bloodthirser to make a more Active appearance or become a active charater in a later Version? i Always loved the hungry Orc.

Look Downtown at night and you might be lucky. don't know if there are any other Requirments.

i agree with that, i rather have free imagine than telling the game how i look.

hmmhmm ,definitly a good base. every probatly dateable character seems interresting.  the only character that i find a Little difficult  is the MC himself, a Little over the top random but i am sure i will warm up to him once the Game goes Forward. i am really Looking Forward to how the game will develop.  how are updates planed? Monthly? Random? 

Extracurricular Activities (mild Tennis,mostly romance) -
is also quiet good.

Human Cargo (scifi)

that last was just so Beautiful.
Burning indeed...Burning bright.

So i got to the ending of the demo with only 3 Passwords, now i am wondering. have i missed some important ones or are the other six(?) Passwords just from different Routes ?

ah i see. thats a shame ,would have loved a Little side story with Grant , but i guess that makes sense. thanks for letting me know.

Sorry if what i ask has been ask before. i have read a bit of the other Questions but they all seemed to have revolved around Richard. so here goes.
- Are they more routes planned for side characters other then Richard once everything else is done and finished?
- if so, are Azghal ,Bam and  Grant on the list? 
 i like there style, especially Grant.
not asking for it to be made, simple want to know if it is a possibility.

Also i wanted to say  Great work with Spencers Story, i must admit i put him off for really Long cause he Always seemed like a boring mister perfect Kind of character in the other routes, but once i tryed his it was really interesting and full of surprises..i love it.

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Hia,  Big fan here. i am on my fourth playthrough right now (Coach,Darius,Chester and now Dozer) and really love it to pieces but since there is such dramatic changes lately i Kind of want to give my two Cents to it.
okay since we have  this new art style now to stay. can we maybe at least tweak the Pictures a Little pleaaase?  In the new art some of the characters really lost some of there lovly Bear-belly (pun intended.) They all have Kind of slimed down . Especially Chester Looks rather flat now in compareson to his chest.
Also  i don't think Spencers Wink-grin Standard face works really well from this angle, from first glances it always Kind of Looks like both of his eyes are closed.
Darius i think works really good with the new art (thought i also like his old art just as much.)
finally. when everything else more important in the game is done it would be nice to get an Option to turn of the MC. it would help the Immersion.