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GZDoom GPLv3 Requires Source Code Release

I haven't seen any links or information (or even a proper website) to ask for or obtain the source code.

Under the terms of GPLv3, I am requesting public access to the source code as required under the terms of the GZDoom license. Please post the public link to the full source code, preferably with build instructions and dependencies specified in as much detail as possible.

I find it disappointing that someone making a mod built on open-source code would not only commercialize it but fail to properly release source code that the license requires.


I did the Linux port of this game on Steam. here's what I used.

The source code for the Windows executable can be downloaded here:

This game does not use a patched or modified version of gzdoom for either Linux or Windows so this source code is identical to the code used to create the binaries.

hope this helps lmao.


Thank you very much.  The link to the source code (or this information) really should be posted publicly in a more accessible fashion, however this suffices as far as license requirements.


do you mean for the gzdoom build itself? im 90% sure thats the same as normal gzdoom with like one minor tweak to the window name?? as for the game assets and code itself, i dont think the same license applies to stuff like mods and standalones made for gzdoom, since they can technically run under other source ports. also it should be noted that all wad and pk3s are technically open source (paying to get the file i guess might not count), since nothing aside from the ACS scripts are compiled.