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your animations are in your appdata folder. idk why people say download when the files are stored locally

make sure the menu is closed, press tab

god bless

maybe android

make sure the menu is closed by pressing tab

wait wait wait, you have a Z key? i dont???

ctrl + z seems like a weird hotkey, i always use F15 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

theres a few as well as a template in the discord server

D or use the next frame button

thats just because windows is paranoid of anything that isnt widely used software. clipnotes risk free

thats a windows ink issue, youre best bet is to just disable it

man you are a legend, i was wanting to do basically exactly this for ages, good job! linux version would be nice tho


all of your animations are in the appdata directory, you can use paperclip to convert them, and youll have to find others work on your own

there is a server feature, anyone can host their own server

itll be awhile, so for now, clipnote works fine with wine if youre okay with installing that

you can use paperclip, its a conversion tool. it should be linked on our store page!

ive never heard of this happening before. i doubt clipnote was the cause considering how sandboxed it is though. sorry that happened to you.

eventually. maybe

:) im very busy

yeah. i develop in linux using c++ now

all the animations are saved as .png files in your appdata folder, you can just grab the specific frame that you want from there!

planned release date is 2030

thats planned.

oh i see! yes both of these features are planned!

zoom and whirling? there is no zoom feature currently, and idk what you mean by whirling

im not sure, try just looking for tutorials on disabling windows ink, aside from that i cant be much help!

install gentoo

to download you either need to connect to a server, unfortunately there arent any online right now. or find a .clip file online. as for sound, the sound file needs to be .ogg, and you need to have several frames for the audio to actually play as the audio loops back when you get to the last frame

a common issue is that theres no real indication that the audio has been import, the solution to that is to have enough frames for the audio to actually play, since the audio starts over when it gets to the end of the frames. tho if you have 645 frames, it should play just fine when you hit play. if its not tho, my best guess is that your audio metadata is weird? ive had issues with that in the past, so you could try opening your audio in audacity and clearing all the tags when you export it as a .ogg. thats my best guess though

tablet compatability is weird currently, most likely its a windows ink issue, if you can, disable that.

nah, ill just schedule it to automatically release lol

is it?

why? thats way too soon, gotta be 2095 at LEAST

there should be info on the clipnote website in the tools section

how abouttt, 2090?

delaying to 2089

sorry i meant 2070

anyone can host a server, im probably not going to run an official one tho

undo yeah, select tools probably. and ive talked about colors a bunch, youll see when the update gets released in 2056

maybe, android is likely, but apple is stupid and dumb so IOS is a huge maybe