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not nit picks at all! all those things will be addressed eventually. im not satisfied with the cursor as is, so that will be getting a face lift. and i am planning on adding a fill tool!

also i love your drawing! very nice.

im working on adding a few different ways to add audio.

yes! our wonderful friend james has made a converter called flipclip, it should be linked in the #rules channel on our discord server. make sure you save and back up your original flipnote files!

not currently no

they should be stored in your appdata folder

anyone can host a server, theyre kinda like minecraft servers, right now i dont think anyone is hosting one. also theres a FAQ on our discord server with a bit more info

i cant really make any promises, i want to have it in the next update, which will probably be a pretty big update, so it may take a little while. im really sorry for the wait

GML doesnt allow for proper file deletion, so you currently have to go into the appdata folder and delete them manually

you can copy whole frames on the frame page with the C/P buttons, and you can move frames around with the arrow keys

if all goes well, i am hoping to add custom color palettes. not more colors, just changing what colors are used. maybe in the next update!

undo is still in the works

it uses .ogg i hope to add support for other formats, and recording audio directly in the software

I'm really glad you liked it! I hope you stick around for the new c++ version which should be even better.

there's no mac version currently, there should be in the next update though, for now you can use wine to run clipnote on mac

not totally sure, development has been pretty slow lately, but im getting reduced hours at work so i have more time for this. hopefully it wont be too long before i can release something

there will be in the next big update 

does it always do that? it might be an issue with my old input buffer code. im working to fix that though

lolwot, that shouldnt happen. i have no idea

doing that is obnoxious on my end for a lot of reasons. 

no but there should be in the next few updates

currently im working in linux, its my main OS and the current internal test builds work fine!
windows, mac, and linux are planned though i havent tested windows or mac with the new engine but they shuold run fine. and an android port is possible and something i would like to add!

lmao no, windows is just stupid and thinks everything it doesn't recognize is a virus

there's a tab for sound in the menu, you have to use .ogg format audio, and currently there's no indication that it's imported, so you'll just have to add a bunch of frames and click play to make sure it's imported, this will be smoothed out in the future

themes aren't a crucial feature of an animation software. that's all I mean by that. I will never lock actual core features behind any form of payment, it's just a way for me to give a little something extra to the wonderful people who donate to the project.

not currently, porting to Adroid is way more likely than IOS though.

pressure sensitivity is planned, but opacity wont be added.

you have to close the menu first, the hotkey is tab and there should be a button in the top left corner

it doesn't have pressure sensitivity, but most tablets should work since they're basically mice. you might have some trouble with window's ink though.

only the flipnote color scheme is supported,  I have no current plans to add more colors

mac and Linux ports are in the works. for now you can use wine to run the windows version on mac

you can use paperclip which is linked on the itch page to export a clipnote as mp4 or gif

download and import are for downloading and importing other people's clipnotes. all your clips are stored in the appdata folder

there's a save button in the bottom right corner, all clips are saved in your app data folder

there should be a quick tools menu, i think theyre bound to W E and D but i cant remember, in the unreleased 1.2.0 version they were all just one hotkey, currently all these features are planned for the 2.0 version that is still in development so stay tuned for that!

this is just a windows problem, clipnote isn't a commonly used or big application so windows sees it as sketchy, I'm not totally sure how to fix it since I use Linux now, but I'm sure someone in the clipnote discord could help you more.

a new version is being worked on in a new language so it should get Linux support natively then, for now you can use wine though. as a Linux user,getting a Linux port is on my list if priorities for sure.

you can use paperclip to convert to other formats, it should be linked on the clipnote project page

go to the start menu search bar and type %appdata% and hit enter. 

Thank you very much! More update's we coming as soon as I get time! Clipnote studio is a passion project, so being able to work on it isn't always a guarantee for me, glad you're excited though!

Eventually I would like too!