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i would assume thats due to the fact that clipnote has a bunch of web and file related calls, and windows antivirus software just really hates anything that isnt well known because its paranoid af, from an antiviruses perspective it has no idea what the code is ACTUALLY doing, it just knows it COULD do harm. as long as you downloaded from it should be safe. logically, the most recent clipnote file has been up since 2019 and no ones had an issue, if my software was doing anything actually malicious my itch account would probably just be gone ngl.

not currently, i dont own any MAC devices unfortunately

definitely not the current version for a variety of reasons, but if i ever do finish a C version i do plan on making that open source if the day ever comes.

the big C and P buttons on the frames menu can copy frames, and i think layers? i dont remember

so true

irl ash's butterfree arc but with a bird 10/10 nice jpegs

yeah ive been considering updating this since i think it kinda sucks ass, but for now if you want some example material, literally every gzdoom mod is technically open source, you can just open the .pk3/.wad files so go nuts (just dont steal any code obviously)

i literally cant unless i either give YOYO games a bunch of money and port all the existing code to GML2, or i just remake the whole thing from scratch. dont really want to give shitty companies money, and im a bit too busy with other things to rewrite the whole thing when im not THAT hyped about it anymore.
protip: dont ever use software that costs any amount of money to make a game, shit aint worth it :)

is crouch jumping intended? im pretty sure i skipped some parts of the game by just crouch jumping, like over the little green thing to get to the axe, or up to the log that needs to be cut down. really interested to play this again if you ever update it!

its actually insane how dedicated you are to this concept. mad respect!

you spend them in the shop

i didnt use linux much when i made clipnote initially and porting GML was such a fucking hassle that i didnt even bother. i use linux basically exclusively now so if i do ever return to this a linux version would be better supported than the windows version ngl

lmao there is a shitty hidden raycaster engine, so kinda almost sorta?

ask me this again in 5-8 year

if youre talking about paperclip, i have no idea i didnt make that tool

there isnt much id be able to do unfortunately, this could be another windows ink issue so try disabling that, otherwise it really just comes down to how your interacting with the software. sorry!

thats just for inserting frames, if you go past the last frame on the timeline it automatically generates new ones to the right.

how have i not found this until now? thank you for caring about this game and fixing some of its issues! it deserved so much better.

that was planned, less of a mode, more of a preset

i havent worked on this in quite awhile, but if i do macOS is planned. but no promises

nope. windows only as of now

there should be a folder named clipnote in the appdatas roaming folder. you can find it easily by typing %appdata% into your start bar

thanks for you comment! a lots changed in the past 2 or so years. i use C now, not C++. and the clipnote rewrite has been started and stopped several times. at the moment im not working on it, however i havent totally ruled out coming back to finish clipnote, just not in the near future. when i made clipnote i was living with my mother in a shit town and making software was my only real escape from life. soon after releasing the current version of clipnote we were evicted from where we were living and i decided to move out on my own away from my mother. i didnt have a lot of time or energy to work on clipnote and things kinda fell apart and im truly sorry about that. im a very different person from who i was 2-3 years ago.

as for the GML codebase, i dont want to release it because i know itll encourge people to carry on with it. however my feelings on gamemaker and yoyo games in general has soured greatly, and i hate the idea that clipnote studio would encourage a skillful programmer to choose to use game maker. in my honest opinion thats a horrible waste. the GML code is specific to GML, so porting it isnt as useful as you may think either. i cannot condone the use of software i genuinely hate. i honestly believe that yoyo games has hindered the indie game community for a long time even if their heart is in the right place which i find hard to believe. if i do ever finish the C version of clipnote, i may release the old GML code, but who knows. i hope you understand!

make sure you have enough frames for the audio to play, theres no indication that the audio actually imported

last update was like, 2 years ago, i havent attempted work om this in like 6 months. its not cancelleddddd really. just on perpetual hiatus because i have other things to do.

the bar isnt just visual, you can click the end of the bar and level up instantly?? not sure if thats meant to be a debug thing idk. also i feel like you get a lot more gold than you need early on, like i had around 200 right at the start not sure if thats a glitch or something.

if the code wasnt written in a language i hate and dont want people to use, i would. the plan was to go open source when the new version was finished.


make sure the menu is closed, press tab.

like at all? it could be a windows ink thing, or it could be issues with your specific tablet, not sure since i have no info sorry

what a great idea! i seriously want this kind of thing for every game, adds a ton of value.

uh i mean you can try but probably not, 32bit is a bit too rare at this point for it to be a real platform target. like the oldest computer out of the like 7 i own is 64bit. also since this was made in GML im not sure its even possible to target 32bit even if i wanted to

i didnt make paperclip, but nothings changed since its released really so it should be the same as always. if you want to joim the discord to try and get help thats all i can really offer without knowing the specific issue

that sounds like either a firewall, or a brower specific issue. not sure i can do much to help other than telling you to make sure your computer isnt automatically deleting the file or something

the visuals for this kind of remind me of noctis IV, also the 3d model for the game box is a nice touch!

this wont be getting a new update for a long while. sorry

this is really neat, great job!

thanks for the comment friendo. it was a ton of fun to develop originally. but i am hoping to pass it on to someone else in the future as clipnote isnt what im passionate about currently. if a proper successor pops up ill be sure to let everyone know.

oh, you literally just change the folder name in tge %appdata% folder lol

you can edit the folders name as you like