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Hi, this is just what I was looking for! But unfortunately it does not seem to be working for me. I'm using the latest version on GMS2 on steam: And I picked 2.3+.

When I launch the demo, there's a popup with an exclamation mark, the app still loads but it comes up behind the GMS2 editor window so I didn't see it right away. But when I found it it did not have the border, I pressed 1 to open it but that didn't do anything.

I might try getting an earlier version of GMS2 from there site and try that, but if you have a fix for me that would be great! :)

I just tried running the YYZ from itch on and it worked fine - aside of the popup (see comments below on where to disable that). Do note, however, that the extension doesn’t work with 64-bit Windows runtime at the moment.

It's probably the 64-bit runtime then, is support for that planned?

Why not check? Do you have “use 64-bit runtime” ticket in Game Options - Windows - General?

Oh, I thought I might have just had that version running, it was already off. Tried it on, same result, turn it off, same again.

I have been looking at what you can do with standard game maker code though, no plugins. I made my own, the only part I can't make is a minimize button.

In that case you could use my Window Commands extension to minimize the window (so long as you’re not using the 64-bit runtime - most of these extensions need to be updated for it).