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Which part are you referring to?

Its an option in gamemaker under global game settings windows/graphics. idk if you use gamemaker. Its just some of the stuff is a bit blurry.  When I see this happen with my pixelart its usually because somewhere I have left an interpolation option turned on when I resized it.

It's actually turned off. If you're referring to the blurriness, it's because I used inkscape for the art, and since everything is a low resolution, the pixels get distorted when exported to png. Probably not the best call on my part, but I'm no artist, and for some reason thought low res would make life easier. I learned that low res actually made it more difficult for me for several things. The text is also something I wasn't happy with, buuuut, once again, trying to fit the text on the screen of a resolution of 160x144 ended up making things ugly. Learned a few things though that I can definitely apply to my future challenges!

ah. I haven't messed with Inkscape much. Iv'e used illustrator but not for pixelart. Idk of anyone else who has even tried that. I usually just use  Pyxeledit, or Photoshop.