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Hey thanks for the post. Always glad to get feedback/suggestions. I think most of this is on our to do list already so we are planning to address it before launch!

As for the Kickstarter, I have definitely thought about it of course, but a few things have kept me from going that route. Mainly the time it takes to run a KS is very significant (can consumer 2-3 months easily) and I am not sure it is worth that kind of time investment. The other reason is that the amount of money I would need to hire someone else full time and take another year to work on the game would require a much higher goal than I think is realistic based on the recent KS campaigns I have seen (and I do pay attention to them). Most gamers have no idea what a developer is paid and what kind of time frame and investment is required to make a game. I decided for this game I would do as much work as I could myself and pay some contractors for things like art out of my pocket. My wife and I decided we could take 3 years to try this and my time is almost up! The game I will release this summer will definitely not live up to my original vision for the project but I think it will be a decent indie game that will be competitive with other similar titles in terms of quality and playtime. 

I have several more big things to add to the game and also am planning to do some work on existing areas (like AI) and I think this will all come together to deliver a better overall experience than what you are playing now. The current version has most of the "final" systems but quite a bit is still placeholder and with a bit of expansion, i think it will seem much improved.

It is amazing that you have come so far and its at the final stretch now. You definately have a gem in the rough. Keep up the good work Mike.