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It is amazing that you have come so far and its at the final stretch now. You definately have a gem in the rough. Keep up the good work Mike.

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Hello Mike, first of all, i must say this is amazing work for just a 1 man studio. After playing for a few hours, I do have a few suggestions that will make players' lives easier.

1. Hotbar. Please a number, and then 'space' to confirm is counter intuitive. Please consider changing it to press once to select, another time to confirm. For example, press '1' and then '1' to execute skip turn instead of press '1' and then 'space'.

2. Highlight objects that can be picked up. Either they are not highlighted properly or they are not highlighted when 'x' is pressed.

3. Increase walking speed. Most of the time is wasted on walking animation. Please consider have option to increase walking speed, or allow group-movement after alert is cleared.

4. Opening door is difficult because the cursor hitbox on the door is too small and way down. When i see a door, i tend to move my mouse to the middle of the door. However, the cursor will not change to the interaction icon, unless i move the cursor to the bottom of the door.

5. Enemy AI needs some improvement. They do not do active patrol. For example, in the loot room, after taking the loot, i check the corner only to find an enemy standing there. Enemy should be actively patroling the room.

6. Auto evac button the screen after killing all enemies. After all enemies are dead, we are only offered to auto evac once.Usually we will reject this kind offer and stay to search for loot. We should have a button that say 'auto-evac' which we can press after finish searching for loot.

Thank you!

Edit: one last thing Mike. I would honestly suggest you go on kickstart to get additional funds to give yourself more time and to see if you can hire some people to give the enemy AI a revamp. As of now, it is still somewhat rudimentary. You can use the current build as as an excellent demo (locking out all other areas except the first perhaps). I do think there are be quite a few people who would support your effor after play testing a demo. Put a demo on steam as well to build a community. All these are just suggestions, which you probably have already considered, but do consider them once again.

Nice. Though i use steam for the community features, i too would prefer a DRM free option.