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Duck friends! Duck friends!

Sorry the gate confused you! The pulling mechanics can get a little weird (like accidentally picking things up when you walk past them), but I wanted to make the gates flexible.

it was interesting! mixes things up and makes it a little harder?? so i didn't mind once i figured it out... mmm i'm thinking that maybe for my next game if i do make one- i'll make the inbetweens have 2 messages like for my ending.. so i can write some instructions maybe... maybe i'll even edit my game later today.. thats the one thing that's a little annoying with these is that none of us write instrutions in the games.. and not everyone reads the summeries (like with the example games, i have no clue what to do to beat those?? like i mean sure i could export them and play and figure it out but it is a bit annoying mmm)


I don't think that the example games in the editor are really meant to be played? Like a lot of them don't even have any win conditions listed, so if you try and play them you get game over straight away. They seem to be more to show you how to set up certain interactions.

yeah thats fair... its just maybe if i look at how they are set up now i'll maybe understand but without any knowledge at all.. that was really confusing haha