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Can you fix the Android version because it would show that it is play by unity then crash. This started with version 0.4 and it is still happening with 0.6.

Hey, what kind of phone do you have (model, Android version, and any other specs you can give) ? I haven't been able recreate any crashes for Android. Thanks!

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hi, i'm going to have to second that notion, i typically play your demo on my Oneplus 5T that's running android 8.1.0 and then my Nvida Sheild tablet that's running 7.0 and loading save files or starting a new game leads to a black screen and you have wait for something to change or to jiggle or wiggle the screen i believe to get it working.

Also, what do you mean by crash? The initial loading screen can take a second to load on some devices (might be perceived as frozen)

im actually having the same problem when I go into the title screen it takes a few seconds the sends me right back to my home screen and I have a android as well my model is the Alcatel one touch 

Ok as you said it will freeze cuz I know when I was about to play it it was doing and after it froze it went to the main menu but now like he said it freezes and send me back to my apps or home screen. P.S Model: Galaxy 7

What's your Android version ?

0.5 doesn't work but I'm using 0.6

Oh I meant the version of Android your using (can normally be found in system settings). ^_^

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Oh its 5.1.1

Hey, after a bit of research I found a couple of things you can try:

  • Completely uninstall / reinstall Uncommon Breed
  • Update Android to the most recent available version
  • Try installing the new files I posted named "Alternate Android Build 1(Try if crashing)" and "Alternate Android Build 2(Try if crashing)"
    • These files use settings meant for phones that don't support certain graphic capabilities

Let me know if any of these work for you.


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hey fox I tried all all of the options you gave me but It didn’t work  also I downloaded the demo version 5 and that worked it’s just the current version that’s not working 

Those didn't work for me either. My phone says that it is up to date.

I just decided to play it on my computer last night it worked so I was happy it was a nice update so nice job on the update  but the android build may need to be fixed or something 

Hey, I'm glad you liked it :) Sorry you didn't get to play it on your preferred device. I'm gonna keep looking into whats causing the issue for some Android devices and not others. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :3

no problem I’m not really mad about the situation cause I was able to play the game in the end plus I’m not gonna give you a hard time for a mistake like that everyone makes mistakes but your working hard on this game and I can tell cause I’ve been following it since it came out so you’ll always get munchies support I thoughht this update was really good and I cant wait to see more 😊