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Hey, it looks like the fights isn't loading properly for you. Sorry about that! As a temporary fix I'd suggest creating a new game and using the skip button to speed to where you were. I know it's not ideal and apologize again for that being the intermediate solution while I look into the issue.

Glad you got it working! Not sure what's happening with the untrusted issue.

The MC?

Hey, were you able to get past this part? I haven't seen this issue yet. What spell are you using before it breaks? Who is in the party? A screenshot would be awesome! My suggestion for now might be to revert to a previous save. 

Hey, I'm confused about the issue. There are some scenes where this is done intentionally. Can you give me an example of when someone disappears and reappears? 

Hey, I'm not sure how to help you on the install. The best advice I could give you is to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. Possibly try clearing app data / permissions when uninstalling. 

Thanks for the support!

Nah, it'll provide both download links. 

Just for the current patreon release.

I wouldn't say they have the same body type. Once their shirts come off you can see a definite difference. However, they are similar and that's just a matter of taste. I'll be adding a bit more variety of characters in the future if things go as planned.

Hey, sorry about that. If you're running the Android version and this is happening I believe it's crashing because the device can't handle the initial loading of memory. I'm working on fixing this issue

Hey, what version/platform are you using?

Just a naming mistake on my part. It's the correct version :)

Oh wow, thanks man! Comments like this make the effort worth :)

Hey, each release is a separate payment. This is to make it fair for patrons :)

Nice! I'm glad :)

Hmm. I changed stuff to reduce upfront memory load hoping it would fix whatever is causing it to crash on your phone. I'm not sure what's causing it to play fine on my test devices but fail on yours  :_;

Hey, I'm glad you liked it :) Sorry you didn't get to play it on your preferred device. I'm gonna keep looking into whats causing the issue for some Android devices and not others. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :3

X86 can be run by 32 and 64 bit bit computers. X86_64 can be run only by 64 bit ^_^ Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Hey, after a bit of research I found a couple of things you can try:

  • Completely uninstall / reinstall Uncommon Breed
  • Update Android to the most recent available version
  • Try installing the new files I posted named "Alternate Android Build 1(Try if crashing)" and "Alternate Android Build 2(Try if crashing)"
    • These files use settings meant for phones that don't support certain graphic capabilities

Let me know if any of these work for you.


Oh I meant the version of Android your using (can normally be found in system settings). ^_^

What's your Android version ?

Also, what do you mean by crash? The initial loading screen can take a second to load on some devices (might be perceived as frozen)

Hey, what kind of phone do you have (model, Android version, and any other specs you can give) ? I haven't been able recreate any crashes for Android. Thanks!

Hey, first off this is super flattering. The idea of someone liking my game enough to offer to do something like this means alot to me and is incredibly motivating. So thank you. I'll have to think about how to best go about this but I'm definitely interested. If you like, you can send me your discord or something here, patreon, or Twitter and we can talk more :)

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! Your comment boosts all sorts of motivational stats :]

Love comments like this. Thanks for the support :3

Gears path is currently the hardest path as I haven't implemented the extra shock chance for his affection. I tested each path to make sure it was beatable but I'll definitely admit Gear's requires a little more luck then others :3 

No problem :)

Oh cool. I posted the current build on Mac. Let me know if you have any problems :)

Hey. I had a couple people tell me the Mac version wasn't working for the demo so I decided not to make a paid release for Mac. I didn't want to have someone pay for something that didn't work. Were able to play the demo on Mac?