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Ah. So it was by accident. Shame. I wouldn't have minded a date once in a while with one or two patrons haha. But good thing I mentioned it then :) 

Haha, good to know- we'll keep that in mind! ;)

I agree! it was a little disappointing that I was unable to date Horace. I thought I heard or read somewhere that there was an unlockable that allowed a romantic relationship with Horace...? Or some kind of drink mixture? I tried as many combinations of drinks as I could, but not getting any new dialogue options with Horace  :/

But I'm pretty sure there must be some kinds of secrets with the mixology - why else would it be included in the game, since it's so underdeveloped?

Anyway, I don't know if the devs are still working on this, but please include options for dating Horace

And even without the option to date, I still feel like this game deserves the tag "erotic". at least it feels that way to me