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Those Darn Kids

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Haha, good to know- we'll keep that in mind! ;)

Thanks for catching that! I'll untag that posthaste.

Really love the simplicity of it all. Very good! 

Thank you so much!!! We love your game as well, and can't wait to see it progress!

This is absolutely hysterical, and a clever idea for a game jam!

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Hello all! We're a small dev team of 6, and for the past 14 months, we've been working on a game entitled "A Tale of Arms and Ale". 

It grew from a simple idea- to play off the trope that countless other fantasy games lean on, in which bartenders act as quest-givers. We also thought it'd be interesting to have the player be able to inform the narrative of the world around them from a static position- never leaving the same spot. From this, "Project Vodka" (our working title) was born- a game where the player takes the role of a fantasy barkeep who entrusts their patrons with various quests. And now, after over a year in development, and several different iterations of the same idea, "A Tale of Arms and Ale" is ready to be shown to the public!

Currently, this game is still in development- the product we've published is simply a 30-minute long demo of what we hope to continue working on. However, we'd be thrilled if people would give the game a try, and perhaps even send some feedback our way upon completion! We realize our game isn't perfect, and want to know what others think we should do to improve upon it. If you have any feedback, simply leave a comment below (or on our game's page), or shoot us an email at Feel free to follow us on Twitter as well, using the handle @ArmsAndAle, for dev updates.

Otherwise, we thank you for playing, and hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labors! 

Link to game:

P.S. We're putting the finishing touches on our mobile builds for those of you who are interested! Android should be ready soon, iOS to be determined.