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Thanks bro! Your thumbnail is awesome ;D

You can also check out this Raptors in the kitchen scene I made -

amazing I’ll get on that 

I also tried the raptors one in vr and it does work as well. But it has the same problem as t.rex, can’t get past the start screen in vr because I can’t click the start button. Menu looks wonderful tho lol. If you find a way to add in “press enter to start” or something in trex, can u do the same to raptors please?

Hello unity5games. I have downloaded your great raptors in the kitchen game, but it is much darker on my screen than in every youtube gameplay. Do you know why? It is not because of my computer settings, i have my desktop brightness on the highest level already. I hope to get an answer from you:D (sry if my english is not the best)

Sorry for wait, try to start the game with a lower resolution. If that doesn't help I think it's a lighting glitch.