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Rhys Da King

A member registered May 04, 2018

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I Had A lot of fun with this game it's come along way

Very fun game I would love to see more of it. It’s always awesome to play around with web style shooters. 

This was fantastic loved the atmosphere. It had a RE7/PT feel to the game I’d love to see a full game.

Your right it is! Fewww now I can sleep again I thought it was real 😆


really enjoyed this Fantastic Game! I’d love to see a full game. Also I think this would be awesome in VR 

loved the story and amazing art style. very well done i had a lot of fun  it. 100% recommend 

very fun very silly and well I named him Jeff. Jeff is a bit of a jerk that is all. 

Well this was interesting 😆 was not what I was expecting but I liked the ending.

this was was fun interesting concept. Hope this makes it to full realise 

this game was interesting I had a lot of fun with it. I appreciate the undertones that run through it. Also I go a little sea crazy!

this is a fantastic game and was able to have loads of fun with it well worth a download

I Woke Up Next To You Again (All Endings)  

What's in the box? | This Side UP!

this is a fantastic game I’d love to see more! Well worth a play!

Welcome to one of the strangest games I’ve played followed by PURE RAGE. Hope you enjoy.

This is a amazing game I’d love to see a full version of it well worth giving it a look.

ECHO | A Recurring Nightmare

haha thanks mate I’m happy you enjoyed the video it’s was loads of fun to play look forwould to a full game.

well I did not think this game could get harder but you have done it lol join me on my descent into madness 

I’m not sure what I played but it was intense an fun.

this game was loads of fun can’t wait to see the full  Version of it. Well worth a download 👍🏻 

amazing I’ll get on that 

this game was amazing make sure you give this a go. I would love to see more done with this I go in to it a bit at the end of the video.  To the dev you have done a incredible job on this well done mate

really cool concept fun puzzles well worth a play

such a silly game but was loads of fun

this game was awesome 100% recommend it give a go you will enjoy

very cool little demo look for would to the full game. It grate that is randomly genarated  so we get a bit of a different play. Best of luck with the Kickstarter 

amazing little game will worth playing. I could see this game having a bunch more levels. 

really enjoyed this little challenging game it’s just like me every day ever ;)

grate game super creepy was nice to play a horror with a good twist. 

awesome game would like to see more levels smashed it out in one go! 

this is a awesome little side scroll game I’d love to see more of this. I had loads of fun making a video on it