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I like this game!

Some feedback:

1. When a heart is on the floor it works as a barricade, enemies get stuck on it.
2. Try separating it into waves, it's easier to understand what's happening and have time to prepare.
3. It's annoying to have to keep jumping and clicking on the turrets to fix them. Maybe you could click once and show a "fixing" bar on top of the player's head?
4. I really like the graphics
5. Kindly consider mobile build & co-op in the future!! 

I wanna hear updates about this game! Please don't stop it! :) 


Thanks dpw1! Really appreciate your feedback. I'll fix those bugs after the Pizza Jam I believe hahaha
 About your point #3, we will consider that, but I think that needing to keep shooting is better, because the player can easily stop recharging the turret to shoot a enemy or go to another turret. But I'll make a test and we might do as you said, if it gets better :)

 Also, we'll develop this game a bit more, fixing bugs and polishing it, since the feedback on it is being so great. I will definitely try to add co-op, and make a mobile release. Thanks again for the comment, it was really helpful!