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This game looks amazing! I'm waiting for a keyboard version!

I love this game! Keep it up!

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I absolutely LOVE this game!!!

Everything in there is so well put. The fast pace, the music, the graphics, the gameplay, the style, smooth controls. I seriously wanna see it moving forward!

Just please, pleeeeease add the option to play with mouse!

Some feedback:
1. A highscore counter or something would be nice!
2. description about each hat/body
3. The bear body is pretty weak
4. I don't see the point of fixing holes if enemies always break them again? What benefit does it bring to me by fixing the holes?

I like this game!

Some feedback:

1. When a heart is on the floor it works as a barricade, enemies get stuck on it.
2. Try separating it into waves, it's easier to understand what's happening and have time to prepare.
3. It's annoying to have to keep jumping and clicking on the turrets to fix them. Maybe you could click once and show a "fixing" bar on top of the player's head?
4. I really like the graphics
5. Kindly consider mobile build & co-op in the future!! 

I wanna hear updates about this game! Please don't stop it! :) 

yaaaay, thank you! please let me know by a reply when you do so! :D :D :D

This game has SO much potential! Seriously, I love it!

I just think the map should be smaller. It was very uncomfortable to keep running everywhere. I also couldn't understand how to make my towers work exactly the way I wanted; A small tutorial would be great!

I'm seriously looking forward for it! 

This game is amazing! Keep it up!
Co-op mode would be appreciated :))

That's awesome! I loved it! I played it with my sister and we had great fun. Some tips:

- Add CO-OP tag to it

- Add extra points for every finished text part (like every 200 words or smt) OR make a mode where you have to finish like 200 words and once you finish it you go to a new level. You can make even a little story line about it!

- Let the player know which monsters are getting closer by

- keep it up because you have amazing potential!

I love it! However I'm getting a laggy response on Windows 7 Chrome (latest version). 
Any way to fix it?

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I really like this game! It's very simple, straightforward and fun. And this is coming from a person who doesn't like the "beat your high score" games.  Somethings I would love to see:

1. local co-op implemetation;
2. some easter eggs or more things to do (maybe we could reach the car to get some special attack every X seconds)?
3. Online highscore register to compete against other players :)

I will keep playing it. thank you!