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please, if the developer is listening, I’ve found a way to make this work in vr, we just need a way to start the game without clicking the start button. Maybe hit enter to start as a suggestion? This game would really shine as an immersive vr experience. The menu alone standing in the rain looking at the t.rex in vr looks amazing!

I 2nd this! Got it working in the vr and got to the menu but just cant hit the start button. but i must say the main menu even looks stunning in vr. but a way to use the main menu without the mouse would be make this work, like a gamepad or even mouse and keyboard


That's the easiest thing to do but I'm not sure that it'll work with the mouse look when you play the game. Anyway I will make the start button possible very soon, I have a little problem with my PC and will be fixed this weekend. The main menu is so much improved, animation is added  when T-rex eats the goat.
I didn't know that it works in VR, I wish I have it..

Thats super! we can move our heads around in the menu and look around so it may be ok, I will defo upload a video of it showing you the results when its done, hope the pc isnt too much issue to fix :)

here is just a quick test video I recorded off my screen moving the headset around so you can see it does work

hard to tell from the vid but that is in ful 3D roomscale vr.


did u fix your pc on the weekend? Really hoping you get a chance to add that start button soon to get that vr plug in going!

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I also support this for VR!
Like everyone else, I was able to only see the main menu in VR. I decided to hold off on seeing the whole experience and wait to check it out exclusively in VR, if there is a workaround inbound.
Very impressed with what I saw so far, well done!